Yamaha DGX – 640 Digital Piano Review

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Must to Know


YAMAHA DGX – 640 , is a superior digital piano . We went through a maximum of reviews and concluded the key features and functions in our article.

While examining this article carefully , you can check out its various  features and uses, So that will help you to choose the best digital piano based on your needs. YAMAHA DGX – 640 is a great digital piano in all cases. 


If you are planning to buy a digital piano for the first time , you are not aware of all the functions . If you don’t have any practical experience in digital piano , you should need to know about the piano before buying it .This review will fulfill what you are looking for. As a beginner you need to check for the basic main features of Digital piano like ,

  1. Number of keys
  2. Speaker Quality
  3. Polyphony
  4. Touch Sensitivity
  5. Controls

As compared to the number of controls or LED , the features stuffed in the piano is more important . Let us see all these features in detail.


  • YAMAHA DGX – 640 , is a piano with High quality weighted keys. There are 88keys with graded hammer action , This naturally brings up the feel of acoustic piano. 
  • YAMAHA DGX – 640 brings great touch sensitivity , which provides greater response while pressing the keys. 
  •  One of the best features of YAMAHA DGX – 640  is its unique additions like Piano stand and the Foot pedal which we won’t get on other digital pianos.
  • Because of this Piano stand , we don’t want to worry about buying any other stands for placing our piano on stage or at home.
  • Music generated with YAMAHA DGX – 640 will be in great quality. If you are more concerned about music the YAMAHA DGX – 640 is the serious choice.
  • The LED display at backlight will be bright as compared to other digital pianos.
  • The YAMAHA DGX – 640 , is made with Instinctive design technology that will be user friendly for beginners.
  • One of the most common features in digital pianos is the USB jack.Similar to other digital pianos YAMAHA DGX – 640  will also have a USB jack for connecting USB devices , like MP3’s or recorders.
  • The voice notes will be perfect with 230 DSP . We can edit the DSP by arranging them as preferred by the user.
  • The Performance Assistance Technology will be great support to the beginners at all times.
  • For perfect Sound , the music notation display will be a great supporter.
  • For Composing or recording longer pieces, MND will help you better.
  • No need to buy an  amplifier, since YAMAHA DGX – 640  will have built-in speakers.
  • Most important factor is the sound quality. Apart from bells and whistles , sound is important. With the help of YAMAHA DGX – 640 , we can have crystal clear sound same as  like Acoustic piano.


  • Suits all Skill levels
  • Fulfill  Acoustic piano feel
  • Equals the Grand piano with reasonable cost.
  • Sounds like a Grand piano.
  • Good investment for good quality
  • Stand and pedal features

Areas in Which Improvement Needed

  •   Cost is somewhat high but it is a healthy instrument .We cannot identify a single downside to YAMAHA DGX – 640 .


 Since YAMAHA put a lot of effort into making  DGX – 640 , with superb features, The design is suitable for different skill sets and it is a great multipurpose piano.

These kinds of Digital piano will enhance your music skills. No good in buying a beginner piano with less features and after looking for upgrade pianos. While buying your first piano itself , Choose the best one like YAMAHA DGX – 640  , so that it will come for years with great new functions. YAMAHA is always concerned about the exact required features at exact price.

It will be comparatively lighter than other Digital pianos . So that you can carry it anywhere but not over light in weight.

We can have this piano for years with great features. Since YAMAHA  is discontinuing this model , it is the best time to buy this piano . So if you wait , you won’t get it. Hurry up!!!and make it yours. Everyone will rate it above 4.5 to 5 stars. You will get 2 years warranty on parts and service against manufacturer defects.

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