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Yamaha DGX-530 Review

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The people who are fond of music and able to create their masterpiece are the most talented and able to handle stress easily. When a person wants to achieve something in his music carrier, along with his interest, he needs to have a perfect instrument with him.

He must know, how to operate it? He should be aware of all the features and usage of any musical instrument that he had with him. 

This review is going to describe a wonderful instrument, crisply and clearly. It’s none other than YAMAHA DGX 530

When you have planned to buy a digital piano, you need to be aware of various factors, and those factors should match your expectations. From my analysis, I  can see the cost of an instrument is in the first place of consideration to all.

Many people will think that the cost is lower than the instrument is of low quality. But that is not true, in the case of YAMAHA. 

YAMAHA is one of the topmost companies producing various types of Digital pianos from low-cost entry-level pianos to grand pianos with the replica of acoustic pianos. YAMAHA achieved the real sound of acoustic pianos in most of its models.

YAMAHA DGX 530 is one of the digital pianos released in 2008, with affordable price, and creates magic with its music.

Yamaha DGX-530 Features

Look: Beautiful instrument with silver finish along with a wide-open interface in between two built-in stereo two-way speakers. At the middle of the piano, there is a perfectly sized full dot LCD monochrome display. A label of onboard tones and rhythms is provided in the interface. An additional stand will also be provided.

Keys: YAMAHA DGX 530  contains 88 keys with a total weight of 37 pounds (17.0kg)including the weight of the stand. Length = 53 inches , Width = 20 inches, Height of the stand = 30 inches.

Tones And Voices: Nearly 500 tones and rhythms included. The sounds will be more realistic and natural. Compared to other models, tones and voices in YAMAHA DGX 530, is always irreplaceable. With YAMAHA’s super cool voices.

Design: With YAMAHA DGX 530, we can get the required amount of sampling and polyphony. But compared to other models of YAMAHA and CASIO, YAMAHA DGX 530 is low in Sampling and polyphony. YAMAHA DGX 530 can produce 32 notes but we can get up to 256 notes in most modern pianos.

In YAMAHA DGX 530 instead of graded hammer action, a graded soft-touch system with a spring-loaded system is used. But it is not a big deal, both the actions will satisfy its ultimate functionality, So its up to the user’s preference, he can choose.

We can get the YAMAHA DGX 530  piano from $500 with a bargain in retail shops to  $800. YAMAHA DGX 530 is attractive for its price, age, and availability.

YAMAHA DGX 530  has USB CONNECTIVITY and performance assistance technology that helps in live performance so that we won’t do any mistakes during the performance.

Yamaha Dgx 530 Usage

YAMAHA DGX 530  is an impressive beginner-level piano. Very simple in design and user-friendly. This YAMAHA DGX 530 is used by the majority of beginners and from our analysis, it is suitable for Advanced players also.

While buying this instrument at this low cost, it will be easy for you to move when your child is may or may not continue their practice. Placing it on the stand and connecting it to other devices is very easy. We can carry this piano anywhere without the stand.

Design And Engineering Of Yamaha Dgx 530

 After unboxing all the reviews and sampling features of YAMAHA DGX 530, it is still difficult to decide about purchasing compared to other digital pianos. Higher-end models of YAMAHA or Casio will offer more features than YAMAHA DGX 530. 

One of the best examples of the above is POLYPHONY. While analyzing its features we came to know YAMAHA DGX 530   offers only 32 notes of polyphony whereas the other models can offer 48,64, or 128 notes and even 256 notes can be offered by some higher-end models.

 A new day begins, new technology will begin in this modern world. All the new model digital pianos will have more features and audio technology. And  YAMAHA DGX 530   uses Yamaha’s graded soft-touch system instead of Graded hammer action.

Comparison With Other Pianos

True to say YAMAHA DGX 535 is better than YAMAHA DGX 530. Both are available in the market with the same price range. Both of them have similar features like 88 keys with Yamaha’s graded soft-touch system which is one step lower than the Graded hammer action.

They match each other with the same monochrome finish and helps the user to learn with Yamaha’s education suite. Features like USB connectivity, Yamaha’s performance Assistance technology is similar to both models. At last, you have to decide what to choose between them.

Additional Comparison

We can decide and make the best decision only by comparing it with other pianos. Since we have a digital piano with more models and features, we will compare YAMAHA DGX 535  with YAMAHA P 105.  YAMAHA P 105 is one of the great digital pianos which got many awards and success.  

YAMAHA P 105’s keys are made up of a Graded hammer action technique with 4 settings (Hard, Soft, Medium, Fixed) of touch sensitivity. Polyphony is of 128 notes but only 32 notes in YAMAHA DGX 530. The factor which makes DGX 530 compete with P 105 is it offers more than 100 voices and tones which is not achieved by  YAMAHA P 105. Price is also less compared to YAMAHA P 105.

Areas In Which Improvement Is Needed

As mentioned already with YAMAHA DGX 530, the amount of sampling and polyphony is low compared to other models. 

Keys will be in lightweight and missing graded hammer action, some users may like it or feel incomplete. This is decided by user preferences.

Needs improvement in the Sustain Pedal, Shipped with the keyboard. That pedal will be somewhat Sticky. Once the quality of the pedal is changed then, this issue can be resolved.


The ultimate aim is if you are a beginner and you need a simple low-cost user-friendly piano with a stand, you can choose YAMAHA DGX 530. It will be with you for a long time. Advanced players who are looking for a Strong keyboard will enjoy this piano.

From the reviews of many people who have bought YAMAHA DGX 530, we can conclude that YAMAHA DGX 530  is a good piano. Since it is produced by YAMAHA, definitely it will be a long-lasting good instrument.

Sound reliability and durability can be achieved greatly through YAMAHA DGX 530. The sound of the YAMAHA DGX 530  is a replica of an Acoustic piano. This piano will help us to learn features easily.

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