Yamaha CP4 Review

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What are the features of the YAMAHA CP4 Digital Stage piano? What are the functions and uses of YAMAHA CP4? With this article, we can review the YAMAHA CP4 Digital piano along with its functions and features.

With all this useful information, you can easily choose the suitable piano for practice. We can get all types of piano in YAMAHA Company.

This CP4 is the most popular and proved to be the best Stage piano. With YAMAHA, we can get all types of piano. This CP4 piano is best in its own style, but you need to decide whether its features are matching your needs or not.


  • With its serious features , it is suitable only for experts, not for beginners.
  • LENGTH = 59.1 Inches, WIDTH = 17.7 Inches.
  • Even though the piano is portable, because of its heavyweight, a person not wanted to carry piano regularly and to keep it in standard place can buy this type of piano.
  • Improved Sound quality and memory.
  • Excellent looking.


  • The keyboard of YAMAHA CP4 is well balanced when compared to other keyboards. This stage piano is made up of digital keyboard with 88 keys and graded hammer action. This piano can be used not only in stage performance but also in the studio.
  • DESIGN : YAMAHA CP4 is designed to be very simple piano , with less features compared to a controller keyboard or workstation. It is mainly designed to deliver a few of the required features perfectly and efficiently and not have more features with less function.
  • As we all know, a digital piano is preferred for its portable nature; every musician to beginners will only choose Digital piano for stage performance and use it in their studio. YAMAHA CP4 is also a digital stage piano with a maximum weight of 17.5 kg.
  • The textured panel covers the top surface, and slightly retro makes us feel the classic feel when touching the keys.
  • The Design makes the piano look very smooth and glossy with the stylish keyboard. The sound is very soft compared to other pianos.
  • At the backside of this piano, you can find a balanced XLR pair along with the in and out stuff. One unbalanced Jack plug will also present at the output side.
  • For connecting heavy-weight PA systems , the balanced XLR will be useful.
  • You can connect pedals to the YAMAHA CP4 via two input foot controller jack present along with the sustain pedal.This sustain pedal feature makes YAMAHA CP4 to be a complete piano and fulfil the realistic piano sound.
  • For connecting an MP3 player, they have provided with MIDI in and out ports and stereo mini-jack aux input.
  • For connecting PC or VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS, Yamaha provided with additional 2 USB ports. 
  • At the front panel, we can find the recorder, which will be controlled easily, including a metronome.


  •  The real grand piano feel can be obtained with the wooden keys covered with synthetic ivory, and they play nicely.
  • The simple key arrangement helps us to handle the piano very quickly compared to workstations. Everything comes under our fingers.
  •  The total number of beautiful voices in the CP4 piano is 341.
  •  Hepls in developing interest in playing with the real piano sounds.
  • There will be various models like Dark, compressed and mono etc., in which you can choose among them based on your interest.

Areas in which improvement needed

  • If the headphone is fixed at front side means, it will be more comfortable.
  • Though its a stage piano, it will be more weight to carry.


For great sound, you can buy instruments like this. This instrument will help you to learn better and played mainly by all. Very crisp and accurate keyboard functions. With the help of a simple, well-managed, and simple keyboard, we can feel very easy to play different styles.

Providing good control when performing live on stage. With your valuable investment in this piano, it helps you to improve your playing skills. When spending low cost and getting a cheaper piano, then you can change it easily. But you need to be more aware and careful when spending a huge amount and buying a CP4 digital piano. With high-quality features, CP4 will cost more.

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