Yamaha CP33 Review

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 What is the features of the YAMAHA CP33 Digital piano? What are the functions and provide some information about YAMAHA CP33? Do you need answers to the above questions? With the help of this article, we can review the YAMAHA CP33 Digital piano along with its functions and features. With all this helpful information, you have enhanced your decision-making skills while choosing the suitable Piano for practice. For its very easy and understandable features, the review of this Piano is a simple task to read.


  • YAMAHA CP33 is the best Piano to practice for beginners, and those were in the intermediate level of learning. It is also called as serious stage piano, because of its setup from the P series.
  • YAMAHA CP33 is also similar to YAMAHA CP300 but low in cost compared to YAMAHA CP300.
  • Sound quality will be smooth and authentic with enhanced vibration. Whoever wishes to buy a Yamaha cp33 digital piano will enjoy it for its best features.
  • Great alternative for electronic keyboard and everyone will be satisfied with its instinctive features.
  • The keyboard of YAMAHA CP33 is well balanced when compared to other keyboards.
  • The keys of this Piano will be weighted keys at a low cost and produce good sound.
  • To have a naturally graded hammer feel with Yamaha’s innovative design, you can choose the Yamaha cp33 digital piano. Because of this, you will get resistance while pressing the keys similar to that you will get in acoustic Piano.
  • YAMAHA CP33 is an entry-level, first-stage piano, but it can compete with many advanced and expensive digital pianos. It is designed to have 88 keys to get the similar feel to acoustic Piano.
  • To add life to music, Yamaha has innovatively used AWM System to generate the tone. 
  • Polyphony is the art of producing more than two voices simultaneously at a time. So with the help of YAMAHA CP33, greater polyphony will be achieved with less investment for that instrument.
  • Easily portable. One of the best and useful advantages of digital Piano is its portable nature because of its compact structure.So we can carry this Piano anywhere with us. Also we can able to keep it anywhere safely after usage. People living in a compact home can choose these types of Piano to buy.
  • Because of its portable nature, we can use it as an ideal tool for stage performances.
  • The maintenance of this Piano is easy and simple , so that we can happily buy a manageable piano like this.


  • Samples will be similar to that of grand digital Piano So that we can easily achieve an authentic feel. The obviously true and amazing quality of sounds will be produced.
  • At this reasonable price, You can’t get a digital piano with the enhanced sound quality other than YAMAHA CP33.
  • The USB and professional MIDI were an unexpected nice facility with this Piano.
  • The components were of good quality; even we could get the Piano at a low cost.
  • The sound will be more impressive and classic.
  • User-friendly piano , suitable to start our learning phase and that will makes our learning easy.
  • Panel lock feature, helps you to avoid pressing wrong keys, so that we can rock at many stage performances.
  • With the help of the quiet practice option, you can practice at any time and anywhere without affecting the peace of others.These quiet practice options are headphones and quiet keys.
  • Also we can record our composition with the help of computer .


 Topmost brand , in which instruments were produced more than 100 years. Yamaha founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha . Nippon gakki company has owned YAMAHA SINCE 1897. YAMAHA is famous for its upright Piano.

With great analysis of musicians’ needs through various research , YAMAHA is developed as a best brand over the last few decades and popular for its innovative production. With their new instruments they sustained in market for long period and have trusted commitment to their customers.When you are buying one instrument from YAMAHA , you can be proud to say that theinstrument’s history withstands more than 100 years of experience. Students at the learning stage and professional musicians will enjoy playing the instruments provided by YAMAHA for its reputation standard in quality of music.

BEST TO TRUST for a stage piano.

Areas in which improvement needed :

  • Display with LED is tiny, this small LED do not affect the performance but if its size increased, that will be too good.
  • If they added speakers, then it would be great.


I have analyzed more reviews from people who bought YAMAHA CP33. The most important thing comes to a conclusion is the price only. Those who need to buy a cheaper instrument but they won’t sacrifice the quality, YAMAHA CP33 is the suitable option. We can get Digital pianos for under $2000.

Many people love the sound and feel of this Piano. This YAMAHA CP33 is a very similar feel to a real acoustic piano. With the help of this piano , learning will be done at superfast and easy manner. This was an excellent product. Never miss it!!!!

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