Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 Review

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Must to Know


 Yamaha Arius YDP-V240  is a wonderful digital piano that belongs to the console digital piano series. As you are looking for a digital piano, to fulfill your childhood dreams or for your kids who are showing greater interest in playing the piano.

If you don’t have enough space in your rental home or you are living in an apartment, you should not try to buy a heavy piano like Yamaha Arius YDP-V240  which needs a separate space to settle. Also, you are looking for a digital piano at a low cost, Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 will never come into your category.

This is a costly piano and we can wholeheartedly spend our money for its various goodness and comfort. By referring to the reviews of Yamaha Arius YDP-V240  you came to know its beautiful features but while using it, you will get many surprises with its features day by day.

Words can’t express the feeling when you unpack your own Yamaha Arius YDP-V240  and once you started growing along with this piano, your quality will also be enhanced as same as the quality of sound produced. Let us discuss its valuable features below.

Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 Features

  • Most impressive look, you will fall in love at first sight with Yamaha Arius YDP-V240. When  I unpacked it for the first time, I was stunned by its dark black rosewood wooden frame finish. At the top, we can see the musical arrangement. The cabinet is formed by connecting the legs to the wooden back piece. Three pedals were present at the bottom of the board. Additional keyboard protection facilities will be provided. We all know maintenance is a big deal than buying it. This protection will save the internal parts of your piano from external dust particles and provide long life.
  • Not portable because of its wonderful wooden style. When you are planning to buy this piano, before asking the dealer to deliver the piano, please make sure that you have allotted a separate space in your home.  LENGTH =4.5 feet , WIDTH = 3 feet ,WEIGHT: 108 pounds with piano bench.
  • It has Super control and button facilities. You can see a 4.5 inch LCD screen installed in the middle of the interface. 
  • There are 88 keys,  made up of graded hammer technology. Fully weighted keys. Some people may feel like noise will be produced with this GHS technology, but that was not felt by me.
  •  For learning purposes, you can choose from many pre-downloaded songs which makes your learning easy.
  • Awesome sound quality, you can choose the sound from various options provided like Natural grand, Grand, Soft grand, etc, based on your preference.
  • Greater touch response can be achieved with advanced wave memory stereo sampling technology. It extracts three different layers of grand piano samples and uses that technology for good response.
  • Other digital pianos have only a maximum of 8 sounds. Yamaha Arius YDP-V240   can have 500+ instrumental sounds, synth, and drums, etc which is equal to the world under your fingers.
  • Amplifiers with 20-watt power are fed into the speakers. No drops can be notified while playing.
  • It can fulfill all our preferences with its 64 note polyphony.
  • Since it is a digital piano, it will use the DSP technique and produce 35 types of reverb and 44 types of the chorus.
  •  With the help of USB connectivity, we can connect other devices like computers to record and MIDI controllers, etc. A headphone facility will also be provided.
  • A special feature we can get only in Yamaha Arius YDP-V240   is the easy song arranger. 
  • With the help of performance Assistance technology, we can rock during live performances.

Who Can Buy Yamaha  Arius YDP-V240?

 I have bought a Casio digital keyboard for my child as he is more interested in playing pianos. He grew up and his interest in music and piano also grown along with him. I can see, he is very happy and enjoying the keyboard. 

On his birthday, I have planned to gift him a wonderful Digital piano which might improve his next level of learning and he can play with various new features that could help him to achieve his goal in music. I have given him the option to choose any of the top Yamaha digital pianos that were available on market. He rarely had any experience in playing grand pianos.

I took him to the music store and he is surprised by Yamaha Arius YDP-V240. He was mesmerized by Yamaha Arius YDP-V240  fancy look. I remember that he told me, ” he had never seen this type of piano before “.  At the next second, he tried playing it an and it sounded like a perfect grand piano. I couldn’t afford a grand piano for him but I can buy this Yamaha Arius YDP-V240  which replicates the grand piano with top features.


This is the main factor that you need to decide based on your choice and requirement. For example, you have planned to buy a grand acoustic piano or upright piano for $20,000 and $50,000 then you can blindly decide to choose Yamaha Arius YDP-V240   with worth $2000. Yamaha Arius YDP-V240  will satisfy the grand piano look and feel. The cost will vary depending on the store.


  The only factor which changes our mind about purchasing Arius is its cost only. Just decide whether you can afford this or not.


When music becomes your life then you need a great instrument that can make your life more beautiful like Yamaha Arius YDP-V240. Yamaha Arius YDP-V240   is a fancy digital piano, sound will be like a grand piano.

Arius belongs to Yamaha’s console piano series which is similar to Clavinova grands, Clavinova ensembles, MODUS Designer pianos. When playing this piano only, you can realize why the console pianos have unique fame and stand apart from all other digital pianos.

Many people who bought this piano were satisfied wholeheartedly and rated  5 stars. All in all, I’m very pleased with Arius YDP-V240 and would recommend it to others who were looking for a piano at this price range. It will keep you amused with its extra digital techniques. Request you to consider the cost and space. But no worries, each penny that you have to spend is most valuable.

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