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Top 10 Best Digital Pianos Under $1000 That You Can Buy In 2022

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Are you looking for a piano that can produce the sound of the original piano, with strong functionality and numerous features, everything in a single compact instrument? Digital pianos are replicas of the original grand acoustic piano.

The Price of pianos is to start from $300 to $5000 but you can buy pianos at $1000 are the best range to get an excellent digital piano with better spec and features.

Do you want to own the finest digital piano which comes under $1000?  You are at the right spot to get it. In this article, you are about to see the top 10 best digital pianos under $1000 that you can buy now. 

1. Casio PX-5S Privia Pro Digital Stage Piano 

Casio is the lead runner in the music instrument industry. Just at $1000 you can get world class standardized pianos from Casio.

Casio PX-5S Privia Pro Digital Piano is the top model for all levels of pianists. The great thing about this instrument is its excellent portability and it is a perfect match with your travel bag. The 88-key is fully weighted with Casio’s Tri-Sensor scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. 

On top of the keyboard, the user interface has the access buttons for the metronome, effects, various electric piano sounds, organ, synth, harpsichord, strings, record and playback option, and so on. 

Its 256-note polyphony differentiates each tone of the keys from others. So there will be no confusion or repetitive sound can disappoint you at any cost. The in-build speakers are loud enough to attain a trance.

The impressive sound is much more than what one can imagine. The lively sound triggers the learner’s curious level to hyper. Other than that the USB MIDI connection permits you to integrate the keyboard with other external devices and apps, such as music, lecture, etc. 

2. Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano

Have you ever wonder that why always Yamaha capture all level of piano players, especially this DGX660 Digital Piano? The answer is, this distinctive instrument is an advanced instrument for basic learners.

This attractive instrument comes with 88 heavy weighted keys, in-built powerful speakers, a handy user interface and an amazing LCD display, an assignable pedal, and a comfortable stand. The removable stand made it possible for easy portable to a band or on a stage. 

Do you want to play like an advanced player? Consider it. it delivers the precise sound of the original piano.

It comes with piano rooms, where you can play various piano sounds. Plus there are various voices for electric pianos, instruments, songs, playback choice, drum pattern, and a metronome. 

Through USB MIDI you can connect you keyboard with any external devices such as amps, PC, recorder, microphone, and other instruments.

3. Yamaha YDP144R Arius Series Digital Console Piano 

Yamaha never failed to appear on the top list of music instrument. They are the good player in creating the world class pianos. The Yamaha YDP144R Arius Digital Console Piano is one of their excellent out come.

Are you the lover of aesthetic things? We are so sure that you will adore its rosewood cabinet, a three pedal system, and a comfortable bench.  So it will not only change your lifestyle but also your house’s look. 

 This digital piano has 88-key with the graded hammer action. The matt finishes over the keys attracts the viewer plus it prevent the slippery action of the player. Even a basic learner can play easily with these 88-keys.

Plus the realistic sound brought out new tones at every performance. It has the demo songs from CFX concert grand piano.

It emulates the touch of the grand piano by Virtual Resonance Modelling feature. Above all the three pedal system has a half damper resonance, with this you can increase or decrease the sustain level by how much pressure you apply on the pedal.

The great compatibility option allows you to connect your keyboard with any external devices.  It comes with the virtual app where you can get access with a library of songs and piano lessons.

Are you a peace lover? You can use headphone, actually there is not just one but two headphone ports are available. So, while playing you can listen without any distraction and disturbance. 

4. Yamaha P125 Digital Piano

Are you looking for digital piano with premium sound quality at low cost? Then consider the Yamaha P125 Digital Piano. Have you ever heard about Yamaha and their finest music instruments?

The P125 is an ultimate product with amazing portable feature. It has removable and optional stand, a three pedal system, or a sustainable pedal.

The keytop has fully weighted 88-key with graded hammer action keyboard and a detailed user interface which includes metronome, recorder, various piano sound, and electric piano sound. 

It comes with different acoustic piano sound which are very much lively and the sample songs are extracted from grand concert piano. The in-built speakers deliver much louder song but if you want to listen silently then you can use headphone. 

This versatile piano has split function and layering option. This makes playing fun. You can integrate your smart phone with this keyboard and so you can get access with the free pianist app. In that you can get a lot of songs and various customization options. 

5. Studiologic Numa Compact 2X Piano 

Are you wondering why we included this digital piano after all there are too many well known brands are available on the market? We are sure about its well built and best sound quality after many trail and testing.

The attractive part about this instrument is its slim keyboard which doesn’t require or occupy a lot of space and it is very much suitable instrument for travel. It has 88 semi weighted keys, which is a perfect fit even for basic learners. The elaborate user interface is make it easy to use and the LED light notify the buttons which are in functional mode. 

6. Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

Most of the pianists love this Award-Winning Casio PX860. Firstly we all appreciate Casio for giving us this stylish piano model. This small and extremely compact instrument won’t occupy too much space.

The vintage model will give you the feel of Grand piano with its matching bench. It comes with Triple pedal system, 88-key with Tri-Sensor Hammer Action, which is most common in all Casio digital pianos. Other features are a music stand, a key cover, and easy-to-use user interface.

Are you looking for a digital piano which can produce the realistic sound? You should consider PX860. The sample songs are extracted from a concert grand piano. The three sensitive level of response will respond according to your pressure over the keys.

For example, if you press gentle the outcome will be too gentle and so the harder press will give loud sound. 

The piano comes with 18 instruments sound, recorder, split and duet mode, in-built speakers, two headphone ports, and layering option. Plus you can connect your smartphone with the piano via USB compatibility. 

It is suitable for both basic learners and advanced players.

7. Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

Do you want to own an outstanding digital piano? Don’t stress over, here is what you have been looking for. It can be useful for beginners as well as advanced and professional pianist.

The 88-key weighted keyboard comes with the graded hammer action and with matt finishing the key’s smooth surface will never let your fingers go tired.

For your practice it has different instrument sounds which includes electric piano, metronome and so on. The piano features a plain, and detailed to learn, instrumental penal, a pedal, and music rest. 

The interesting things are the keyboard has Bluetooth option, a virtual app, various sample songs, recorder, and Alfred piano class for beginners. The in-built speakers produce clean and louder sound. if you want to play silently then you can use headphone. This portable digital piano is easy to carry so you can take anywhere of your interest for your practice or performance. 

8. Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Digital Console Piano 

Are you planning to buy Yamaha’s Concert piano but with little money? Stop sacrificing your desires; here this YDP103 is a compact model of concert piano which you can buy at an affordable price.

It comes with many features which will never disappoint you. The 88-key matt finished keyboard with graded hammer action which is more common in all Yamaha’s digital pianos.

Even a moist finger will not slip or miss the note over these keys. The package contains a keyboard stand, a triple pedal, a key cover, a music stand, and a matching stand. All these give the royal look to where you place it. 

The premium sound quality is too lively and tuned keyboard will never go with impressing you. The instrument comes with Advance wave memory, which adds extra to your actual playing, for example stereo effect.

The in-built speakers deliver massive sound still do you want to play silently you can use up to two headphones through headphone ports. Plus you can integrate external devices through USB MIDI ports.  

9. Casio PX-770 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

The Casio PX-770 is loved by many people all around the world. The incomparable model will lighten the look of the place where you keep it. The dark brownish sturdy cabinet gives the view of royalty.

Plus it comes with triple-pedal unit and 88-key with Tri-Sensor scaled Hammer action. The slim design won’t be a problem about space.

The keyboard promised to produce all sounds that you want. The in-built speakers don’t require any external amplifier because it has its own powerful stereo amplification which will rectify the sound double the amount of other instrument’s capacity. 

The excellent sound of the piano will give away the touch of acoustic piano sound. We are so sure you will be carried away by its dual, split, and the record system where you can store up to 10 songs which will be stored in an internal memory. 

You can connect your PC or Smart phone with the instrument via USB MIDI through that you can get access with the Chordana app, where you can use numerous songs, lessons, and various piano customizations. 

10. Korg  SP280BK 88-Key Digital Piano

If you are having some experience with music instrument meams you might know that Korg develops great music instruments especially keyboards. The Korg SP280BK is one of their marvellous product.

It has a distinctive design which is very much compact and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere without struggling. It comes with easy-to-use user interface, 88-keys with natural weighted hammer action, a foldable stand, and an elective two-pedal unit for smooth and sustainable notes.

While this elective acts as a half pedal which will decide which much sustainability you want while playing. It has 30 impressive songs which are mostly extracted from the original acoustic piano and the electric piano. A least number is extracted from the organ, synth, harpsichord, electric piano, string, and so on. 

Playing will be more interesting with effects. Each key has its own touch, brilliance, reverb, and chorus effects. You can use either internal sound or external sound via the USB MIDI portal. 

It is the perfect choice for beginners. It has more than 100 practice songs. 


Who will not like the sound of piano? every music lover will have a huge likes over piano. Unfortunately not everyone is expert or even knows a bit about playing it. People might think that to own your own piano you have to break your fortune.

But seriously you no need to be. You can get a digital piano which is very much affordable. You can get a lot of top brand and quality products under $1000. Which are available on the market with premium quality and cost efficient. 

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