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Things You Should Know Before Your Child Begins Playing Piano

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Before your child begins to play their very first piano, you need to be aware of certain things. This Article will guide you on the most important thing that what you need to do? What you need to buy? How can you make learning piano is easy for your kids? It would help if you got answers to all your questions before buying a suitable piano for your kid. Once you have prepared all the below-listed items in this article, you can help your new little pianist learn faster and enjoy what they are doing. Here is the answer to a few of your questions.

Choosing Which Type Of Piano ?

Firstly! We may be confused to choose between an Acoustic and Digital piano. Once we decide what piano to buy, we may be confused about choosing the best one among them. If you are not from a musical background but want your child to be a pianist, you need to be more careful at the beginning stage.

If you have decided to buy an Acoustic piano for your kid, Are you ready to spend your money on the expensive piano?

If yes, then make sure you have enough space in your home and the proper maintenance required for your valuable piano. The Acoustic piano is a traditional piano that will do magic with the touch. The harmonics captured when pressing the keys can’t be achieved through Digital piano. For better touch, choose acoustic piano at the beginning stage itself.

On the other hand !!! You have decided to buy a Digital piano for its easy portability, and you are living in a rental house with less space or in a compact apartment. But true to say, From my analysis, I found digital piano is one step better than acoustic piano for its incredible features, which is not present in Acoustic piano.

Some of the valuable benefits of Digital piano is low cost compared to Acoustic piano, Recording facility to record our lessons, variable sound producing capacity through sampling techniques. It will produce an exact sound of an acoustic piano. Fixed pedal, touch sensitivity and weighted keys makes a better experience.

Suitable Place For Fixing The Piano  

If you want your child to practise at home, don’t place the piano near the TV. This may be a barrier to lack of interest to your child and when you have sat down in front of the TV, watching the news or any other important thing, and at the same time, your kid practising the piano, definitely the peace of someone will get disturbed. Digital piano with headphone facility may help in this scenario. With the help of Digital piano, your kid can practise at any time and anywhere without disturbing the peace of others. Place a piano in everyone’s eyesight, don’t place it somewhere in a lonely place. If it is hidden away from their sight, then the regular practising won’t work in any case.

Tuning Required In Case Of Acoustic Piano: 

In the case of Acoustic piano, more than its price, there will be an administrative burden if it is not tuned. If it is not tuned, you will get an unpleasant sound during your child’s initial practice, affecting your peace.

Own Your Piano For Years Before Your Kids Start Playing:

Have your piano before start beginning piano lessons for your child.

If he grew up with his piano in-home, that would be user-friendly, helps to fast learning, improved instrument handling. This will increase his involvement and interest in playing the piano. Ask your child to play the piano by himself. While pressing the keys, he can observe the key sounds and learn the key functionalities, which will improve his creativity.

Healthy Communication With Your Child:

  During the initial learning phase, spend a maximum of your time in observing their playing. How were they feeling while they were playing a note for the first time? Their comfort, emotions, issues they were facing, their interests, innovative ideas, etc. To know all these things, have healthy communication with them. So that will be a great advantage that adds up to your child, so he can easily convey the downs and ups and the issues he is facing in his musical journey. That can leads to improved learning.


    As we want our children to be perfect pianists, teaching them at an early stage is important. At an early age, they can’t handle the huge piano. So along with the piano, buy a chair or piano bench or stool with adjustable height to have struggle free learning. Keep practising your child to be more attentive in changing between right and left hand. Before practising your child to play the piano, practise the alphabet. At least they need to know from A to G . Let them know all the musical symbols with their names and meanings e.g.) Treble clef and bass clef.

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