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Korg SP250 Review by BestofDigitalPiano

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This Korg SP-250 review will help you to learn more about the SP-250 and decide if it is the right digital piano for you.  

Korg is one of the companies producing many musical instruments. Korg has extended its view towards digital pianos and manufacturing many enhanced digital pianos nowadays.

When you see Korg SP-250, you will love it at first sight. It is amazing with its look and if we started playing Korg SP-250 we can’t take our hands from its wonderful keyboard. 

Tips for Picking a Digital Piano


Speakers cover the top part of the piano, below the speakers there is a control panel with buttons and knobs. And below the control panel, the weighted 88 keys are present. The black beauty Korg SP-250 is a Simple, amazing keyboard with two stereo speakers. Korg SP-250 comes with a stand, in which the keyboard is assembled easily and fits perfectly.


   Length: 50 cm

   Width: 40 cm

   Height: 25 cm

  Weight: 19 kg (not including stand)

  Type: Portable digital piano.


KORG  is a digital piano perfectly used for stage performance. Korg SP-250 is a replica of real acoustic pianos. Since digital pianos are portable, Korg SP-250 is light in weight which can be easily carried by everyone. Suitable for the pianist who is looking for a portable piano with rich piano sounds. 

The keyboard consists of  88 notes with RH3 action. Sound is generated using Stereo Sampling systems. Korg SP-250  consists of polyphony with 60 notes. Volume is controlled by key transpose, fine-tuning and temperament techniques. Amplifiers with 2 x 11 watt. Dual cone-shaped Speakers along with bass reflex speaker box .  12 v power supply needed with 42 w  power consumption.

Korg Sp250 Features

  • Steady and perfect stand to hold the beautiful keyboard which also contains an additional damper pedal.
  • Weighted 88 keys with acoustic nature. This real effect is achieved by RH3(Real Weighted hammer action 3) technique. This technique is tested by KORG and now RH3 is preferred in all its higher-level models. This technique provides a wonderful experience and makes the keys perfectly weighted and you have already experienced any acoustic piano, then you won’t feel any difference with Korg.
  • With the help of RH3, Korg SP-250 achieved a better touch response.
  • Damper pedal with sustained samples is an amazing feature of Korg SP-250
  • Korg SP-250 contains a maximum of 30 sounds, which is higher than Korg SP-170 and Casio CDP-120.
  • We can play two tones simultaneously with the help of a dual-layered function.
  •  We can find Separate buttons for volume, chorus, reverbs in the control panel.

Korg Sp250 Advantages

  •  KORG offers similar touch sensitivity in all its products like LIGHT SETTING( soft touch), NORMAL SETTING (standard touch), and for louder sound HEAVY SETTING( hard touch).
  • With the help of the transpose function, Korg SP-250 will allow you to play without shifting your hands.
  • You can find the damper pedal connected to the rear side of the keyboard along with features like MIDI IN/OUT connectors, audio output connectors, and AC/DC connectors.
  • Two headphone jacks will be available on the front side so that you can practice without disturbing the peace of others.

Korg Sp250 Overview

KORG SP 250 is a wonderful practice piano. We can practice regularly and record our play with the help of a recording facility. We can enjoy it a lot with its MIDI Controller which allows you to connect with other sound modules.

It is a very good piano for practice and completely acceptable by all. The sound and touch are pretty perfect. We can’t expect more perfection in recording quality. We can feel the sound tends to come across as too close even it is added with lots of reverb. Speakers were built-in and sound is less compared to other recorded piano sounds. Korg SP-250  is a limited controller since it limits the changes in MIDI control above 30.

 It sounds great and has a perfect headphone facility for playing quietly. Playing with headphones is better than playing with the speaker. Keys will work perfectly for a long time. The stand is very strong and vigorous.

Korg SP-250  has realistic action and sound. Korg SP-250 is made with simple and easy features. Korg SP-250 consists of pedals with less sensitivity. Very good quality at this price range. Nice touch response, everyone will fall in love by touching it.


As you are getting top features, the cost of Korg SP-250 is somewhat high compared to other digital pianos but lower than grand acoustic pianos. The cost depends on the platform you preferred to buy.

You can get Korg SP-250  at $1200, but you can get the same for $500 to $700 in some other shops, so before buying search where you get in lower cost and then make Korg SP-250  yours and  I hope you have brokedown Korg SP-250  by reading this review. Digital pianos are similar to acoustic pianos in all features but differ in space and cost.

Korg SP-250 is user-friendly and helps learning better. Korg SP-250 will produce a louder sound, so it will be a very good choice for stage performance.

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