Korg SP-170 Review

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The Bitter truth is we always look for better things than the actual. Nothing can truly satisfy us. We are not okay with ordinary things.

Always we expect more. Like more money than our salary, more discount than the actual sale price, more examination time than the given, and so on. You get my point, right? Nothing can be changed when it comes to Korg’s series of digital pianos.

They had varieties of low cost digital pianos; still they are looking for a way to reduce the cost of their product from the actual price. They never give rest from improving their product quality but yet never raising the price, even a slight. Mostly their product’s model are lookalike with unique features of each. 

Are you looking for a digital piano with a classic look with a great modernist sound system? Then give a serious consideration over Korg SP-170.

In this article we are going to check out the Korg’s generosity and the reasons behind their famous products. 

Must to Know

Features of Korg SP-170

For your performance it provides 10 great quality songs. You can return directly to the default piano tone by quick play button. The three level touch sensitivity is flexible for heavy or light players accordingly.

You can alter the original with the added effects which includes chorus and reverbs. The speaker delivers ultimate high quality sound. Dual headphone socket is an impressive feature for duet mode and can play privately. Plus the extra socket permits you to connect with external devices such as recorder or amplifier which increases the volume. 


The natural Hammer Action technology of an entry level keyboard provides the touch of superior quality.  With minimum accuracy the graded hammer action touches the pitch as much as it is required. 


Stereo Sampling technology recreates the sound of a grand piano. The soothing sound is royal and will leave you with a heavy heart after hearing each song. 120-note polyphony differentiates each tone.

If you had an experience on acoustic piano, then it will satisfy you. The higher polyphony permits you to play complex tones easily. If stereo is selected then polyphony is trimmed into 60-notes, but still the entire set will not do what this half can do. The instrument has another tone which includes electric piano, harpsichord, and strings. Which are added for demo songs. 

Feedback about its feature and spec

If you ever had a chance to play the 170, now they have just added a few buttons. Which will not be a spoiler but some might feel the pang on their stomach like the one we get when we see our favorite actor’s new movie review goes negatively.

It might be because some are struggling with this button function. To be frank, it doesn’t alter Korg’s button-less feature.  SP-170 doesn’t alter its functionality but the addition of buttons made the customization simple. Those keys are the power button, volume knob, and new piano play and sound buttons.

We bet you will really enjoy the lively feel of its natural weighted hammer action keyboard. Each key of 88 stands as an exemplary of uniqueness. Self-contained sound system will never bother you for accuracy of touch.

Anywhere you touch the key will respond to you. Music will be your time for romance with your partner by duet mode and you can hear the music with a peculiar tone by using the double headphone compatibility.  Other features are the keyboard comes with 88 notes from A0 to C8.

180 maximum polyphony notes which included 60 note stereo. It contains a pile of various instrument sounds including organ, electric, string. It comes with an easily adjustable effects system such as reverb and chorus.

There are 10 various types of sample music as its highlight. It has an impressive transpose keyboard, a great pitch control, switching MIDI program, in-built dual sound system amplifier with 9W of each. The in-built speakers will give you euphoria. Thinking about the power system it has direct current 12V power consumption 9W. You might doubt its durability after hearing its price , but we are very sorry for your wrong assumption. Actually it has a great number of durability. 


Nothing special goes without getting your attention, so why not this excellent thing. You will love it head to toe for its strong features and soothing sound. Plus its cost! It is awesome anyone with a minimum budget can buy it without breaking banks.

Each feature will make you a professional pianist. So what is there to give a second thought, it is what you are looking for to start living your music world. 

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