Kawai KDP90 Review

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The Kawai KDP90 review will help you to make sure that it is the right model for you. Understanding the pros and the cons of this model can help you to make sure that you are making a sound investment in your new electronic piano.

We have many Digital pianos available on the market. When you need to buy a Digital piano, you have to check out which one is suitable and best for our purposes.

If you need to perform a stage performance or you are a beginner interested in music or you need to buy a Digital piano for your kids? 

So, as all your needs are different, we have many different digital pianos from various price ranges. With the help of this review, you may feel like unpacking the Kawai KDP90 and using all its features.

So in the end you can easily decide whether you need to buy a Kawai KDP90 and it satisfies all your needs or not. Kawai KDP90 is a great digital piano with various features and can satisfy your needs. You need to be careful and know about all the ups and downs of this model KDP90 before investing your valuable money in it. 

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano Review

 In order to achieve your goal in your musical journey, Kawai KDP90 may help you to attain your needs and make your dreams come true. Unless you practice well you can’t reach the highest position through whatever features that your Digital piano offers. 

Once you buy any Digital piano Satisfying your needs, practice with it regularly so that you can get familiar with all its features easily within a short period. Neither a grand piano nor an upright piano will be the choice for many of us as our practice piano because of its high cost. And the alternative solution is can buy a perfect Digital piano with a reasonable price and fully weighted keys.

 Nowadays with the help of various sampling techniques, we can make Digital piano delivering excellent sound and other features similar to acoustic pianos. We need to choose the Digital piano which can replace acoustic pianos with our standard form, Placement of fingers, and better practicing habits.

Kawai KDP90 is the piano that satisfies the above requirement. That’s why it is one of the preferred piano options at the top of the list for many people. Read this review fully to know about Kawai KDP90.

History Of Kawai

Koichi Kawai, who is a great lover of music. This history reveals his love for music and his unexpected journey. He was a trained piano player and looking for the best digital piano which satisfied his needs.

He believes that instruments that are used by a musician will not only affect the music, musician’s confidence also. He wished to make an instrument with good quality String and percussion and he invested his valuable time for his invention.

 In 1927, Kawai began his first research institute and his first grand piano was created after a year which was celebrated by many musicians. His concentration in a cabinet along with the mechanics of music brings massive success to his instrument. 

 By 1930 – Instruments like reed instruments and harmonics were added.

 Between 1947 to 1948, Mr.Kawai turned his interest in pianos.

 Mr. Kawai was the first Piano manufacturer who was awarded Blue Ribbon for musical standards in 1953. KAWAI is a company with endless history and achievements, it is still working to create innovations in the music industry.

Kawai KDP90 is best suitable for?

  Kawai KDP90 is best suitable for experts who are already having experience with acoustic pianos since it is an expert-level piano. Those who are looking for a strong Digital piano with rich tones can choose Kawai KDP90. A good practice piano with compact size but not easily portable. For someone looking for perfect sounding with a considerable budget, you can go for Kawai KDP90. 

Kawai Kdp90 Features

 This article will take you directly to the features of Kawai KDP90. Kawai KDP90 contains several features that you can find only on a higher-end piano model.

  • Excellent sound quality, matching the exact sound and feel of a grand acoustic piano. This can be achieved by the following advanced techniques like Sampling and IV-F Graded-hammer action.
  • In an acoustic piano, keyboards were constructed in different manners in different regions. The number of bass notes varies from upper to lower part from one to three strings. But in Kawai KDP90, it is done by samplings from its EX concert grand piano sounds individually. This great sampling technique is used by the Kawai KDP90  piano that sounds like an acoustic piano.
  • There were 88 keys with sampling technology that is Harmonic imaging.
  • LENGTH = 135.9 CM , WIDTH = 40.1 CM , HEIGHT = 85.1 CM and WEIGHT = 83.6 Pounds.
  • Kawai KDP90 is made with 15 instrumental sounds.
  • Polyphony is of 192 notes.
  • Easy learning with the help of Built-in Alfred piano lessons.
  • Super grand pedal system.
  • A sliding key cover will be provided as additional protection.
  • With the help of built-in stereo speakers, sound quality will be at the top level. Volume can be controlled easily.
  • Kawai KDP90 contains 2 headphone jacks facilities, Audio outputs, and MIDI/IN and OUT devices.
  • The piano is placed on a wooden table with a perfect rosewood finish for a rich experience.
  • 4-HANDS MODE, This quality is also found in various high-level digital pianos. Playing two different sounds at the same time during a stage performance is an awesome feature.
  • All the three necessary pedals will be given with perfect quality, which can be found only in Acoustic grand pianos.
  • With the help of Adjustable damper resonance, we can control the echo. Kawai KDP90  provides greater damper resonance in which the user can change with his preference.


 Additional bench will not be  provided along with Kawai KDP90.  

Need a separate space in your home. 


 Available from $1200 to $1300.


 We all love the acoustic piano in all aspects. Will digital piano be able to compete with acoustic piano or recreate the qualities of Acoustic piano? To answer this question, here is a small story for you. One day, I went to the church near my home and heard a beautiful piano composition.

While hearing that music, I thought it was the sound of a concert grand piano. But I was surprised while seeing Kawai KDP90, and it sounds close enough to acoustic pianos. If you know about Kawai KDP90, Please don’t miss this article.

There are various advanced techniques in the digital world, Kawai KDP90 uses those technologies better and has unaccountable features. All these features are helping Kawai KDP90 to recreate the exact sound of acoustic pianos. By comparing Kawai KDP90 with Yamaha, Kawai KDP90 beats Yamaha, and Kawai’s cabinet is more aesthetic than Casio. The only consideration is the Cost and Space.

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