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A lot of people were already playing the piano. They might be used to DIGITAL PIANOS as well. Some people are looking to buy a DIGITAL PIANO, whoever it is !!! They can’t fully familiar with all the terminologies in DIGITAL PIANO as it is getting updated daily.

Once you get to know all these terms, then you can be the master of it. Before buying a DIGITAL PIANO, one should be aware of the terminologies associated with it. Need to know about digital piano specifications and terminologies? This article will provide you with crisp and clear information about the terms of the DIGITAL PIANO.

DIGITAL PIANO is the piano of modern times, developed to replicate the qualities and sounds of Acoustic piano. They can equal the acoustic piano, with various factors listed below.


Sampling is the process or technique by which an individual unit is selected from the population of interest. This Sampling technique plays an important role in DIGITAL World. DIGITAL PIANO uses this technique to replicate the sounds of an acoustic piano. In digital piano, various sounds were sampled as an individual note of a real piano.


The keyboard of the Digital piano will exactly match the Acoustic piano with 88 keys. The best alternative to Acoustic piano and suitable for all beginners. With its compact size, we can easily place it anywhere in our home.

It is also provided with a headphone facility, which makes us learn in our private space without disturbing others. With the help of the keyboard, we can produce different voices, and it has the main important features of the piano. Digital piano keyboards depend on Note action, Sound and Octave range to replicate the Acoustic piano. Keys in DIGITAL PIANO keyboards were weighted keys with hammer action. These heavy keys help you to get the actual feel of an Acoustic piano.


 How it will be felt when we are touching the keys of the keyboard explains the action or touch sensitivity. No matter how hard or soft we are pressing, it will provide the same quality and level of sound, which is related to touch sensitivity.

Sound Brilliance

We can adjust the treble and brass to control the level of sound based on our preference. With the help of the control over the treble and brass, we can alter the sound from mellower to brighter.

Damper Pedal

The most used pedal is used to sustain the music even after lifting the fingers away from the keys. As is it used to sustain the sound, it is also named as SUSTAIN PEDAL. The pedals are used to control the damper and offers various techniques in damping.

Dual Voices

With the help of digital piano, we can play two voices simultaneously, and those two voices can be overlapped or blended. This can be acheived only through the digital piano. 


If more than two tones were playing simultaneously and the term to represent this effect is POLYPHONY. 

Line In/out

 The most useful feature in digital piano is that we can connect it to other external devices like mp3 player and speakers. We can transmit our recordings and store it on other devices.


 Ticking sound is created to keep time in music. We can set this with our preference.

Transpose Button

 Through which the pitch of the piano is altered from lower to higher based on user preferences.

Usb Conectivity

 The USB cable in DIGITAL PIANO allows connecting external devices like computers, MIDI keyboards, or other suitable devices. Digital pianos were allow us to connect to ipad/iphones to start our learning easier with the help of various applications. That might not be there in acoustic pianos

Splitted Keys

 With this feature, we can play with different sounds in the lower and higher half of the keys.

Size Of The Keys

 The keys may be full sized are called as full sized keys or slightly smaller than full sized keys were called as organ keys.

Reverb Effect

 In an acoustic piano the echo effect is naturally produced because of the environment. But in the case of digital piano this effect is produced by simulation and adjustments.


 Thus there are various terminologies associated with the DIGITAL PIANO. We must be aware of the basic terminologies before buying a digital piano to make better use of it. To use the piano efficiently, we need to know about its terminologies and uses. Digital piano is the best piano with affordable price, associated with various useful features. Try to get your piano and fill your room with positivity.

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