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Digital Piano Maintenance Guide

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Once after owning a DIGITAL PIANO, you need to be more attentive and efficient in maintaining it. Suppose you are a digital piano owner or someone waiting to buy a digital piano.

In that case, you must look at this article, and it will guide you through a few simple steps to follow to extend the life of your valuable piano. Even though Digital piano is similar in the functionalities of Acoustic piano, there is a wide difference in maintaining it. You can find crystal clear tips in this article to maintain your digital piano as a new one even after years.

Must to Know

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

 As the proverb says, we need to prevent our piano from damage instead of repairing it after damage. We need to protect it from the factors causing harm to our digital piano. Many factors are affecting your piano, which is classified based on the following types:

Based On The Place

   One of the important things which will cause major damage to your digital piano depends on the position or place where you kept your piano.

  1.  NEAR THE DOOR:  When you place the piano near the door, It can cause damage to your piano by hitting the door accidentally with the corners of the piano while opening and closing the door frequently. The dust particles in the doorways can settle on the piano surface and may even enter inside the piano, which can cause damage to the electronics setup inside the piano.
  2. NEAR THE WINDOW: Keeping the piano near the window can cause the worst effect on your piano compared to the door. More dust will get into your piano. The rain and the sun can cause major damage to the digital piano. If you have missed closing the window and unexpected rain came, then the rain drizzle makes your piano wet, which is not at all safe for the electronic parts inside. The sunlight falling on the digital piano is also not good. For Acoustic piano with ivory keys, Indirect Sunlight is good, which is used to whiten the ivory keys. But the digital piano with Plastic keys will get damage when continuously exposed to sunlight. The heat from the sunlight can also weaken the solder joints and the electronics.
  3. NEAR THE SHELF:   Placing the piano under the shelf is very risky. While picking up the things kept on the shelf, we need to be more careful, and the things can fell accidentally and break the keys. Any liquid type things like an oil container, water bottle and hard objects like trophies etc., can fell on your piano, which might be the worst day in your life. 

Based On Nearby Objects

  1.   Please do not keep the food items or drinks near the piano and don’t have them while using. We know what will happen when we have eatables near electronic devices. You need to take care of your digital piano as that of your smartphone and computer.
  2. Spend your money to get a strong and rigid stand for your digital piano.
  3. Digital piano is an advanced piano with many functionalities, like USB/MIDI Cables. So arrange those cables properly once after use. This arrangement may help you to avoid your foot tripping with them.

Protection Against Dust

    We can easily protect our piano with a suitable piano cover. Please ensure the size and number of keys in your keyboard before buying a piano keyboard cover. The Dust cover is the best way to protect the keys and buttons of a digital piano, which increases its life.

Cleaning Your Hands

  We make sure that your hand is always clean and neat before you start using your piano. Clean hands will prevent your keys from getting yellower. Keep cleaning your hands as a mandatory task. A simple action from you has a great reaction with the piano.

Good Power Source

  As already told, think of your piano as a computer. How will you maintain the power source to it? The same, you can do for the digital piano.


Clean your piano at least once in a couple of weeks. Vinegar and warm water is the best cleanser for the Digital piano with plastic keys. Always use a lint-free cloth to clean the piano, and wipe the piano with a dry cloth after cleaning. Always prefer white cloth. Keep the piano unplugged during cleaning. Maintenance of the digital piano purely depends on the prevention from the various factors mentioned above. Protect your instrument and enjoy its various techniques for long years. Do clean your piano carefully whenever needed.

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