Casio Privia PX-160 Review

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Descendent of a reputational Casio PX-150 design, Casio Privia has many strong features which shows nothing from Casio left the market without branding its name to a broad range. Casio never let it deviate from its classic functionality which includes Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action II and Multi-Dimensional AiR sound source. But before all these, is it the one for you? To know the answer we have worked on behalf of you. In this article we are going to unveil the pros and cons of Casio PX-160, let’s go for it. 

Casio PX-160 Review 

With 88 fully weighted keys the keyboard has simulated ivory and ebony keytops. Plus it comes with Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action II and they are touch sensitive which will never go irresponsive.

With 128-note polyphony worth what you paid for it. It comes with 18 various instruments sound which includes 5 different pianos sound, 60 current songs, dual mode which are split and duet mode, learning functionality, 2-track MIDI recorder, metronome, transpose, fine-tuning, octave shift, 17 different types of temperament, dual speaker each with 8W, USB, Headphone, sustain pedal jack, line out compatibility.. 

Features Specifications


This 88-key are the size of the regular piano keys. The Tri-sensor scaled hammer action made it easy for the out let of original sound which is much lively with soft touch. Not like regular keyboard it really works on hammer which hit on the strings to produce the natural acoustic piano’s strong sound.

The plastic keys are the perfect to induce ivory and ebony. Which helps you to keep on playing, even if your fingers are wet then it won’t let it slip away. The velocity sensitive keys are the master of your touch. How hard you press on the keys that much louder the sound will be. Plus it comes with three types and so off mode.  


Lossless audio compression is used by the altering AiR Sound Source; hence it delivers sound without flaws except the formats of MP3, AAC, etc., as you read before it has many instrument sounds which are 5 Grand Pianos they are Concert, Modern, Classic, Mellow, and Bright., 4 electric pianos, 2 etrings, 5 organs which includes electric organs, harpsichord, and low bass.

Each one produces their greatest sound. Additionally you can control what you play by simply adding effects; they are reverb which replicates the original acoustic piano sound with 4 different types of sound effects.

They are designed for small, medium, semi-large, and large room. Just like the reverb, chorus also comes with 4 types such as light, medium, deep, and flanger effects. Adjustable Brilliance, so you can make it a better softer or smashing harder sound. Each one will give a royal touch to what you play. We bet you that you will be amazed by these things.  


128 notes of polyphony ensure you that you can hear each tone distinctively. Plus the 2-track recorder is great with 128 notes polyphony which is more enough to play 2 track simultaneously. 


The improved in-built double speakers’ 2×12cm, each with 8W amp, this information is enough to price the sound system. They deliver clear and louder music without any disruption. 


It comes with all the necessary features that you can expect on all great music instruments. Which are 2-track MIDI recorder, Dual, Duo modes, Metronome, Transpose, etc. 


The keyboard is designed to split into two sections when the bass sound is selected. To your left the bass section is assigned while on the other side you can choose anything of your desire. 

Layer mode adds any instrument sound from the library to what you are playing. So it prevents much harder part of music composition that is layering. 

Duet mode can also be known as learning mode the reason is the keyboard split into two identical part which can be used by two people simultaneously without any changes in its features. 

Sound Library

There it comes with 60 in-built songs, which you can play in a series or pick and play. Not just hearing along with that song you can also play. Other than the 60 in-built songs, you can add songs of your wish up to 10 songs in its library. 

Record and Play back

The PX-160 is suitable for multi-track MIDI recording and you can replay. The double track recording means, you can play and record a song and later can replay and record meanwhile playing the second song.

After recording the two tracks you can play either one or both at a time for your practice. But the problem is the current recording only be stocked, the previous song will be automatically deleted by the system. To prevent data loss you can transfer the songs via USB port. 


This feature either increases or decreases the pitch of the keyboard in semitone steps. For changes you can use different keys to produce a difficult tone and still you can hear the real song in the original key. 

Octave Shift and Fine tune

It changes the pitch of an entire keyboard into octave unit. Plus fine tuning of the pitch is very easy with fine tune features. 


Nothing is undefeatable with this metronome because it coach you for keep timing and steady tempo. Additionally it allows you to customize the tempo, number of beats, and volume of metronome to match your play. 

Operational lock

It is a great function which prevents the unintentional button operation. So you don’t need to worry for an accidental pressure which would be an issue to your song. 

Auto Power off

Automatic power off after 4 hours of no operation is a cool feature which will prevent unwanted power requirements.


You can see two mini headphone jacks on the fort portion of the PX-160, which helps you to play without disturbing and distracting by the duet mode. The rear portion contains USB which allows you to connect your PC with the PX-160. Happy over the plug and play technology. 

Line out R, L/Mono, through this you can connect with different external devices like amplifiers, PA system, mixer, etc. those will help you to perform on a concert where louder sound is required.

Sustain pedal jack which allows you to connect your device with pedals of your need. 


The package contains stand, sustain pedal, case, and headphones. Even with great features and functionality PX-160 is wonder struck but portable. 


Are you shocked? All these features are only available in an expensive instrument but how can Casio provide many useful features and functionality with much needed accessories all in a low price.

Don’t be doubtful all these are great but still Casio PX-160 is cost efficient it is really value for your money. 

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