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Casio Privia PX-860 Review

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There are hundreds of Digital piano manufacturers in the market , still no wonder, how Casio tuned to be placed in the top numbers of digital pianos? It is named for its value for money, strong features, and premium sound and effect quality.

When Casio Privia PX-860 were launched in the 21st century, it uplift every pianist’s curiosity over its ultimate usable features, in which none go in vain. There is more to be amazed with Casio’s Privia PX-860. In this article we are going to discuss why it is an all time favorite among Digital piano users.

Must to Know


Casio Privia PX-860 free from flaws which all common digital pianos would pose. This model comes with many features, in that nothing goes away without using. The maximums are added to increase the instrument’s effects and powers. There are optional extras which give the permission to access and control the sound and sense of the instrument. Effects like reverb, chorus, and brilliance settings, have the choice to create a great sound.

With three pedals, you can go with the complex notes which require half pedaling. The 18 fore-set sounds combined with hew and sheet functions provide a variety of options for productions and plus record function enhance the varieties of sound performance.

Through USB Port you can connect your PC or other music software with the Privia PX-860. Other features like tuning and metronome add the range of function to what you play. 


The royal string replicates the sound of an original acoustic piano’s sound. Truly the rich string brings goodness to the coating function of the Casio Privia PX-860.

It has AiR Sound Source with multi-dimensional morphing which comes with advanced memory capacity so it works three times better than the previous trial packs. It creates liveliness to what you play on this instrument. The tones are full of royal and sophistication, giving them the feel of realism rather than the digital one. 


It comes with a fully weighted 88-key hammer action keyboard, which matches its elite look. The keys are very responsive and modern. Which provides the full freedom to express the player’s feelings. It beats out other top price products on its way. Each key has an original ebony and ivory touch and is great responsive to the extent playing. 

The Casio’s Tri sensor technology of the keyboard responds to even the minute notes played by the professional pianist. The graded hammer action makes the bottom notes heavier than the one near the top end. 

Everything in it a balanced keyboard response is reached in this instrument. They all bind to make even the over-particular players more presentable in their playing. 


With all necessary and rich features comes just around $1000, which is much cheaper while comparing with other digital instruments with its same features. 

It feels more expensive than it’s actual, with a neat, glossy, modern, and attractive sliding cover. 

The black and white with their ebony and ivory keyboard completion are adorable to play. 

To talk about sound, it never fails to place around the top five positions for its precise tone. 

Playing this digital piano will give you the feel of classic piano with modern functionality. Which is really great and impressive. 


This digital piano gives the original feel of music with its touch, tone, and polyphony. Casio’s top most player is Casio Privia PX-860 there is no doubt over it. They are succeed with their desire to present the grand digital piano over very low price.

It is a great exemplary for premium quality at low price. Truly it is value for your all money which you are going to spend on it. Don’t hesitate, it’s time.

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