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Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Digital Piano For Your Child

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Looking to buy a Digital piano for your child? Are you confused to choose the best one among the existing varieties of Digital piano?

Want to know which Digital piano will be the best? Need to buy a cheap and smart working Digital piano for your kid? Not a musician and not knowing music and musical instrument? Just chill !!! You can get answers to all your question by spending your valuable time with this article. It will let you know the best way to choose depending on your needs.

Must to Know

Digital Piano

As you all know about the benefits and uses of digital piano, We need to have some more guidance before buying it for our child. We need to know about various factors that might have a higher impact when buying a new digital piano for our kids.

Hope this article will provide you with all the basic information needed to buy a perfect piano. So why Digital piano is preferred these days to Acoustic piano? Let us see some advantages of a digital piano over an acoustic piano.

Advantages of digital piano :

  • Digital piano is a Portable piano
  • Comparatively low cost.
  • Lightweight compared to Acoustic piano.
  • Tuning is not required in Digital piano.
  • Provided with Recorder and Headphone facility.
  • Learning with Digital piano is very easy.
  • We can easily connect Digital piano with other instruments. 

The only drawback of Digital piano is, unable to replicate the elegance and Traditional values of an acoustic piano. But, Nowadays, everyone loves to buy a Digital piano for its inbuilt technology and features.

When our kids start learning in their music carrier with a digital piano, they can do magic with the music at the learning stage itself. For people who dreamed of buying a piano but couldn’t buy it for various reasons, Digital piano made their dream come true. With all these advantages, have you decided to buy a Digital piano for your kids, then continue to read the article.

Purpose Of Buying Digital Piano

   Before buying the digital piano, just think about what you want your kid to learn piano. Do you want your kid to practise at home, start recording in the studio, or do a live performance? Just think and decide your need, and the above requirements will be super satisfied by Digital piano.

Types Of Digital Piano

 With the evolution of technology, Digital piano is also getting advanced day by day. With all these advanced features, they were classified into four categories:

  1. PORTABLE:  
  • If you want to buy a Digital piano for your child to learn music but don’t have enough space to keep the piano or you don’t have a permanent place to keep it in your home, you can choose Portable digital piano.
  • So that you can take it out from the package when you want to play and keep it away somewhere once after playing.
  • PEDALS and STAND won’t be there in this PORTABLE type. But compared to Electonic keyboard, Digital piano will give you full enjoyment with 88 key, with hammer action.
  • With incredible sound quality and affordable price.


  • Similar to Acoustic piano in look and sound.
  • Very low in cost compared to Acoustic piano.
  • Not portable like the above digital piano.
  • PEDALS and STAND will be there.
  • Available from $700 to $5000.


  •    Looking as like an Upright Acoustic piano.
  •    Costlier than Console digital piano but cheaper than Acoustic piano.
  •    Starting with the minimum price of $700.
  •    Samples, Sound, Hammer action, will be more realistic.


  •  Replica of Acoustic grand pianos with cutting edge speakers.
  • Most admired for its high-quality sound and great look.
  • The minimum price will be $1500.
  • The best advice is to get the costlier upright piano instead of buying a low grand piano.
  • But you are ready to speed, and money is not an object. Much interested in buying a grand one, you can buy this grand digital piano that has no different from grand Acoustic piano.

Sampling And Weighted Keys

Sampling is a useful technique in the digital world. With the help of sampling, Digital piano will sample the sound of Acoustic piano. Factors like Recording our play, less memory, low cost may affect the quality of the piano. The person who is an expert and practices with Acoustic piano can feel the distortions, but beginners can use Digital piano better. As in Acoustic piano, we can get weighed keys in Digital piano, which provides us with the energy while pressing the keys. 


The ultimate aim of Digital piano is to make learning easy with various features like Built-in Metronomes, record and Playback functions, chords and so on. With all these features, Digital piano will make our kids proficient in music. As explained above, try to analyze your needs first. Then decide your budget and place to keep the piano. Know about the hidden talent in your kid. Speak with them and try to understand their requirements too. Finally, decide which Digital piano to buy. If you want to buy for your kids to practice at home, then choose Digital piano with good speakers, or else your kid needs to do a live performance, choose the one with High output. They required a recording studio, then chose the Digital piano, which has both Speakers and output with good quality. Hope you had an idea about Digital pianos.

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