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Top 5 Best Online Sites/Apps for Learning Piano in 2021

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Why you should  learn Piano?

In this article, we are going to discuss about top 5 apps for piano learning.

Do you want to do something much pleasurable in your leisure time? Music is a key which is devoted to open the lock of blissful life.

But, why particularly piano? Researches have concluded one who plays piano once in a day or a week, seems to be like reduced stress and anxiety level, while comparing with a person who doesn’t.

It also helps to improve hand-eye coordination, for kids’ active and better performance in school, and gives immense confident level. None like other music instruments, piano requires your full attention, not all are born legend but, practice and dedication made them as one.

Learning something without devotion is a thorough vain. Piano learning is challenging, and easily drain your confident when you couldn’t get it. Gracefully, digital world makes anything impossible to possible.

You can start now to take lesson for piano learning, simply by using your smartphones. Many applications are exclusively designed for piano learning, you can download them in your smartphone or other accessible gadgets.

Open your play store and just type piano in search bar, the result will be a big shock at a glance. There are more than hundred apps which will guide you to play piano but, not all are expert.

So, we have decided to shortlist them for you. In this article you can find more exciting piano learning apps which are running under piano experts. 

List of Top 5 Apps for Piano Learning

  1. Skoove
  2. Perfect Piano
  3. Simply Piano by JoyTunes
  4. Udemy
  5. Flowkey

1. Skoove

Skoove is a best choice for basic learners of piano. This app makes online learning easy and interactive. It will guide you while you are playing. If you made a mistake it will show you.

You can install it in your desktop, laptop, iPod or iPhone. Even though it can be accessible through free, for better experiences upgrade into monthly subscription option. It has a good name given by the users.

Each lesson will guide you without any flaw, you can learn how to sight read, and more technique to be the best pianist.

You can get current hit songs in this app for your piano learning. It will register and analyze your playing and send back your feedback at where you failed to achieve the note and made incomplete playing.

Interactive feature helps your learning and provide clear knowledge. Each lesson takes 10 minutes. Before you realize you will go across the piano basics and will be pitch clear in your notes.

If you completed the basic level, it will introduce you to the next level that is, intermediate. This app provides a list of songs, which is updating and adding new songs very often so, there will be no repetitive. Also you can re-learn your lessons whenever you would like to learn. This app is suitable for all age groups. It is step by step method of learning so, there will be no missing lessons. 

2. Perfect Piano

Perfect piano is the top rated piano simulator app currently available in google play store. With 88- key intelligent piano simulator not just a teaching tool by taking you across a thousands of pieces of sheet music but also helps you to get connected with Piano experts around the world.

It will give you a weekly challenges with a random users, if you are not good enough to take part in challenges, there is other option for you that is you can organize a piano competition among your friends, and help one another to perform better.

This app supports USB MIDI keyboard, so when you are ready to play the real keys than a virtual one. Your new piano will give you a feel of your old friend’s reunion. It also provide widget, which you can keep in your screen and play whenever you want without opening the app.

3. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply piano by JoyTunes was rated as the best app for iPhone in 2016. It is also being as a good choice for android phones.

App developers are still working on it for its betterment and upgrading its features. It is suitable for all level learners. It is designed to work together with your piano or keyboard. Simply place your phone on the top of your piano while you play, it will listen what you are playing and will give you feedback. 

It has library options where you can choose your favorite songs to play your piano. You can take two free piano classes, then you suppose to subscribe for unlimited courses to access. This app will brighten and unique ability in your piano playing. This app got World Summit Award from United States.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a best choice for curious mind. It is not made for an individual person or a company but, a platform for learners, especially for self-learning by Videos and readable lessons.

It has many courses not only piano learning other courses like makeup artist, painting, web developing and so on. Like anything, this app too has some Pros and Cons. Thanks to the review page which will give you the feedbacks about the courses by a former learner. This will give you precaution before you are enrolled.

You suppose to pay for your each course. It has many competitors so, the prices are really affordable. They provide the split form of courses so you can have a better knowledge about what you going to learn and how long it would take.

5. Flowkey

It will teach you by songs. Confusing? It has more than one thousand songs and a thorough guide to play them. By this way you needn’t to spend your all free time to learn piano from the basics. It will teach you how to play a song rather than the scales or learning theory. 

Still astonished? The library of songs has filter so, you can sort it out like easy which for beginners to hard which for upgrade levels. Likewise you can choose your songs to learn by playing them. 

It is not all about songs, there is lessons for technique and technical knowledge for playing your piano. You can listen what you have played and it will give you feedbacks along with how close you’re playing to the actual.

To start your piano lesson you suppose to pay, either it can be a monthly or annual payment. But, if you want to go for annual subscription option you must pay for whole year that is for totally 12 months.

There are three type of options for your learning, they are wait mode, slow mode, and fast mode. You can relearn your lesson again at any time.  It has its own microphone so, you don’t need any extra accessories. 

It is a high-tech piano learning but, still you can use it for old fashioned pianos as well. It has many features indeed you can’t find anywhere.


Many options are there for online learning. You can learn yourself at where you are and what you want.

They also comes under your budget. So, you can choose as per your need. Do you want to by-pass the basic things about piano then, go for Flowkey, or do you want to learn piano from the scratch? Then, Skoove will do that.

Whatever your need you can get it just by a click of button. You can develop your knowledge without spending a huge amount, going out, or missing your family time. Finally you are your teacher and your gadgets became your classroom. All you have to do is choose wisely. 

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