Top 10 Best Piano Bench Reviews 2022

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When shopping for a piano, a piano bench can easily be overlooked. Technically, you can sit on anything (a desk chair, a picnic table, a child’s stool) as long as you can reach the keys.

The piano bench is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a piano. For piano practice, a piano bench is an indispensable tool: not only does it ensure proper posture while playing the piano, but it also makes it more comfortable. At first glance, buying a piano bench might seem like a simple task, but a quick search of a few websites will reveal there are literally dozens of options! Even for those who already own a piano bench that they wish to replace, choosing one can be quite intimidating. This leads a lot of people to purchase the cheapest piano bench, and then regret it forever!

As a first step, you should realize how important it is to choose the right bench in order to avoid similar mistakes. For both beginners and advanced players, posture and comfort are equally important. To avoid pain and injury when you are just learning the piano, you should position your body correctly. In addition, this is also true for advanced players, especially for those who practice for long periods of time. I have compiled a list of the top 10 piano benches on the market at the moment to assist you in making your decision. We will talk about why a good piano bench is important, then we will discuss what makes a great piano bench. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose a bench that fits your needs. Are you ready to start?

Top 10 Best Piano Bench 2022

  • Palatino BP-120-BK
  • Korg PC770
  • Yamaha PKBB1
  • Korg PC500-BK
  • Roland PB-500
  • Yaheetech Piano Bench
  • Neewer NW-007
  • Griffin Ebony Black Leather Piano Bench with Storage
  • Tiger PST14-BK
  • On Stage KT7800 PLUS

Palatino BP-120-BK

This elegantly rounded single-seater is sturdy, without looking thick-set.

It has fake leather padding but offers firm support.

The seat offered a comfortable ‘sit’ without getting that sinking feeling from over-padding.

The rubber feet give the bench excellent stability and prevent movement.

The wooden frame is well finished off in a polished black or brown option, giving a sleek feel.

I particularly liked the fact that the bench remained firmly on the floor and didn’t slip around on a smooth tiled floor.

Korg PC770

Here comes a premium-looking piano bench from a reputable brand in the digital piano niche.

The Korg PC770 is a high-quality bench that measures 26″ x 13″, and it features adjustable height ranging from 17.5″ up to 20.5”. Its dimensions make it quite compact and a nice solution for small spaces. Also, it’s seating surface is secured by four buttons. It is made of wood with a padded seat that is very comfortable to sit on, even for long practice hours.

It is very classic looking and it comes in a super smooth finishing. (colour options include black & white only). Another great thing about this piano bench is the fact that there is storage space under the seat, where you can place music sheets and small objects, saving you even more space.Finally, the Korg PC770 has a premium price for what it offers, so it is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a classic & super comfortable piano bench.


  • Adjustable height
  • Premium Looking
  • Storage space
  • Comfortable seating


  • Some people might find it expensive

Yamaha PKBB1

The Yamaha PKBB1 is a compact piano bench that is foldable and has been designed for portability.

It is very easy to assemble it once you buy it, and it comes with three different adjustable heights (low setting: 18″, standard setting: 19.5″, and tall setting: 21″), so that it can be used by different people. It has ample padding to consider it quite comfortable, and you can sit on it for long hours without any problem.

Its X-style design, along with the steel construction ensure robust build quality, and you can bet that this piano bench will last for years to come. Its small size (about 17″ long and 12″ wide) allows you to save space, but at the same time some people might find this piano bench too small.All in all, the Yamaha PKBB1 is a high-quality bench at a reasonable price, and it is highly recommended to piano players that are low on space.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Portable
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to assemble


  • The size might be too small for some people

Korg PC500-BK

This is a very standard looking bench, which has a padded seat, with a wooden finish and a compartment for storing music below the seat.

What makes it my choice is the price. Other benches with the same features, look and comfort, sell for even more than double the price.

It is simple and elegant, with a firm support below you. The only criticism is that for some it may be slightly small at 25″ x 12″ but as a single-seater, it is enough chair for most musicians.

For limited space situations and studios needing a larger number of benches without breaking the bank, this makes an excellent buy. The finish is elegant and stylish and will suit both digital and acoustic instruments.

Roland PB-500

This is a great piano bench, if price isn’t too much of a concern.

Slightly more expensive, the bench has a well finished, solid wood structure and is padded on top for extra comfort.

It is also large enough to be used as a duet bench and great for teaching studios and performance venues.

The stool has a refined elegance with a classy, stylish finish, so makes a great piece of furniture.

Our recommendation is that the seat goes well with the typical full digital piano rather than the more portable keyboard type or stage piano and will also suit larger acoustic instruments.

It is robust and practical and adds a touch of class to upper price bracket instruments.

Yaheetech Piano Bench

So, what about duets? Well, as you probably know, there are specially made piano benches that can accommodate two people, and the Yaheetech Piano Bench is one of them.

Its dimensions are 29.7 inches long and 13.8 inches wide, which allows two people to sit comfortably. Moreover, there is a storage space under the lid that lets you place music sheets and small objects to save some space. The Yaheetech Piano Bench comes with stylish design in plain black color that will fit any interior and add elegance to the room. It is comfortable to sit on, as it is padded and features faux leather that can be easily cleaned.

However, note that you might get too hot after some time. The greatest advantage of this bench is its low price, that is extreme for what it offers.On the whole, the Yaheetech Piano Bench comes with all the features that make it suitable for piano teachers, as well as advanced pianists who enjoy playing duets a lot. 


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for duets
  • Storage compartment
  • Easy to clean


  • The faux leather might make your legs hot

Neewer NW-007

More experienced pianists can greatly benefit from the features of the Neewer NW-007.

This piano bench is of high quality and it allows you to adjust its height using a knob on the side from 18.89 inches to 21.65 inches. It is made of hard rubber wood and durable metal, that ensure great build quality. Moreover, it is very comfortable as it has a padded cushion with PU leather.

In terms of assembling it, it might need some time, but you don’t need to use any tools besides the included wrench. The built-in storage compartment under the lid allows you to store everything you need and have access to it easily. Finally, this piano bench is also very good-looking, so it will be a nice addition to wherever room you put it.Overall, the Neewer NW-007 is mid-priced, so it is better for advanced players that are looking for maximum comfort for their long practice sessions.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Storage compartment


  • Assembling needs some effort

Griffin Ebony Black Leather Piano Bench with Storage

This is one of the top professional benches. It has a side dial to adjust the height from 19″-21.5″ so that the player can achieve exacting positions in relation to their instrument.

The leather padding with diamond indentation provides a comfortable seat while maintaining some air flow.

The storage compartment is suitable for larger music books, and the seat itself is on the larger side although not quite suited for duet playing.

It is really made for the showcase instrument or concert venue. A caution though, this bench would not be suitable for a studio where many younger (smaller) children are being taught as the height adjustment does not go low enough.

Tiger PST14-BK

This is probably one of the best benches in terms of being robust, padded, with a beautiful velvet material cover, and which looks elegant and provides excellent comfort without being too warm on the skin.

It has a sturdy feel and the adjusting mechanism is easy to use and functions smoothly.

It is also offers generous sizing at 55cm x 32cm, which makes it ideal for a variety of ages from beginners to professionals and can be used for duet playing.

It should be a popular choice amongst schools and colleges, mainly because of its superb price for a bench that offers incredible versatility.

If bought in bulk a discount could be negotiated and makes this a bargain seat with all the necessary features seen in more expensive types.

On Stage KT7800 PLUS

The On Stage KT7800 PLUS is a premium-quality piano bench that is a good choice for those on a low budget, as it comes at a low price.

It is also very portable, as besides its compact and lightweight design, it is also foldable so that you can transport or store it easily. It comes with ample padding that makes it comfortable to sit on for long sessions. Once you get it, it is very easy to assemble it and start using it immediately. You can adjust its height according to who is playing: it locks on at 19”, 21”, 23” and 25”.

Regarding build quality, it is pretty robust and it is quite durable, increasing its value even more. It comes in plain black color that fits any interior. Unfortunately, its X-style design and compact size doesn’t allow it to have a storage compartment, so if you need that you might need to take a look at the other options of this list.Other than that, the On Stage KT7800 PLUS is a great affordable solution for a compact and portable piano bench.


  • Value for money
  • Foldable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • No storage compartment


A piano bench is not the same as another. Once again, we have chosen our top 10 from among a large number and rated them out of five as we compared them.

Choosing a good seat can be difficult, and hopefully this review will help narrow down the options.

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