Top 10 Best Keyboard Workstation 2022

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Life is all about surprises that bring magic to your life. Likewise, music gives the meaning of life. Getting the right one means it cannot be replaced by anything.

Just like that, all about your best and perfect keyboard workstation means it is not only full of melodic music, but it has to be in good shape with all the features that you need. It should be equipped with premium quality music and effects. That’s all about the best keyboard workstation.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best keyboard workstations that you can buy in 2021, and those will induce your thought as they are only built for you.

Korg Krome EX 61

Do you want to impress your surrounding with your touch? Not like what you think, but a touch of music. This Korg Krome EX 61-key keyboard workstation has 120 voices, 2500 drum samples, and an in-built 16-track sequencer. The voices are highly devoted and a replica of electric sound, synths, and so on.

The drum samples are aligned into 48 forerunner kits, along with more than 600 drum groove presets for your play, or you can crop or add your sound. The package has a touchscreen display which will help you with easy customization and checking the features.

It has 193 effects and 32 preset for each effect. You can record what you play and play by playback option.

Other important features are its built-in dual polyphony 120 voice for single-mode and 60 voices for dual-mode), which can perform an auto-fixed song, amps, cabinet mode, MIDI inputs/outputs/USB, and other modes integrations like headphones, SD/SDHC slot. The semi-weighted keys are suitable for on-stage performance.

Yamaha MODX6

What is the primary quality of the best keyboard workstation? Sound quality. Yamaha MODX6 has the best sound quality among others on the market list. Users are impressed with its superb features. Like motion control which let you control various feature adjustment with one “Super Knob” at the moment. Also, you can produce good texture and spacing.

It comes with an almost infinite number of sounds, effects, rhythms, arpeggiators, and so on, which will make your music from the beginner level to the advanced stage. The Rhythm pattern adds various rhythms that can move dynamically with the arpeggiator, an incredible feature for modern electronic music.

The keybed has a 61key synth, Pitchbend, mod wheel, and a long row of controllable buttons, knobs, and sliders. It comes with 192 polyphony, audio recorder, playback mode, MIDI In/Output/USB, other Integration options like Headphones, sustain, and foot controller.

Additionally, it has its FM synthesis, effects, antenna, and self-switching sound, and what more do you want? Even before you could guess your desire keyboard workstation, it has everything with the great build quality.

Yamaha MOXF8

The Yamaha MOXF8 has 88 Weighted Hammer Action on your very touch with 128 polyphony. It is very similar to Yamaha MOXF8’s features and specifications, and the only difference is the key’s number and action. It comes with great effects like reverb, chorus, bands, stereo, and so on.

You can record what you play and also you can playback it. The 13W power adopter works on AC, and the in-build features never fail to impress the user. This compact keyboard workstation is very compact and has a responsive keybed.

It is best for on-stage performance.

Yamaha Montage 7 76-key

Majestic, Royal, Classic, everything describes one product that is Yamaha Montage 7 with 76 key. The expert sound engine will impress you with its powerful beats. This keyboard workstation has advanced technology such as DSP technology.

Its keybed comes with aftertouch enabled and semi-weighted, with a broad range of effects and sounds.

Amazing knob lets you control various features like motion control and tempo-synch control sequences to other features. It comes with in-built 128 polyphony. Other features like you can record what you play and playback it, 16-track sequencer with 64, which you use for your craft. It has various options for connectivity, including headphones, USB, etc.

Yamaha Montage 8

The Yamaha Montage 8 is a synthesizer workstation keyboard that has the best technology and quality control. It is most recommended for a user who wants to feel the abundance of every touch. Its 81 balanced hammer action keys with aftertouch will immerse you into the magical world of music.

It comes with 88 note keyboard with assignable faders, buttons, and knobs, allowing you to control the instrument and your DAW software. The Motion Control technology in the knob lets you customize all the features in the meantime.

The in-built DSP effects engine permits you to require a broad range of reverbs, modulation, and other effects. Like every Keyboard Workstation, you can record and playback your creations. The MIDI/USB connectivity makes integration simple and easy.

Casio Privia PX-360

Do you want a digital piano with workstation features? Then consider Casio Privia PX-360. Even with weighted keys, it is portable because of its lightweight plastic construction.

It comes with an in-built Rhythm Editor, which is required to produce your customized User Rhythms up to 10. Its 88key each has Hammer Action, which is great on its every touch.

The duet mode allows you to split the keyboard into two equal keyboards. So, anyone can play side-by-side on one keyboard. Other exciting features like it has 128 polyphony, AiR Sound Source for Sound engine, 100 playback formats with . WAV recorder, 16-multi track sequencer, and great connectivity options like MIDI/USB and so on.

Yamaha MOXF6

Keyboard with synthesizer workstation, MIDI keyboard controller along with wide-ranging DAW and VST control! Is that possible to get? The answer might be no before Yamaha launched its MOXF6. It has everything of your expectation.

It has Yamaha’s MOTIF XF sound engine, which has a library of various instrument sounds and an elaborate flash memory that permits you to download songs up to 1GB.

The Adjustable 16-track sequencer allows you to record while you play and can play back up to 4 songs. The 61 semi-weighted keyboard has a responsive function. It has various connectivity options, including MIDI/USB.

Roland FA-06

The Roland FA-06 is a portable and organized incentive to workstation keyboard model, with a 61-note keyboard even with its small size having many features of your desired functions.

This keyboard workstation made more impossible than possible, like the premium sound quality, features, portability, everything at the right price.

It has SuperNATURAL DSP tech required for the synth patches. This is overinflated additionally through expansion slots or by adding more patches from Roland’s Axial sound collection.

The 61 keys have Synth-action, which gives a great feel for the player. It is packed with 16 pads and 4 banks, so too much sound composing is available by its built-in 16 effects. For song composing, it has an in-built 16-track sequencer, rhythm pattern creator, and arpeggiator.

It can be accessible for most Digital Audio Workstation software, and you can control the software through the instrument. It has various connectivity options plus Guitar/Mic and Line input ports. We guarantee that this product will never disappoint you.

Roland FA-08

Are you looking for a branded keyboard workstation with versatile options, infinite features, all these on the lowest price tag? Feel free you found the answer to your search. The Roland FA-08 is a well-built, portable, shiny plastic body, more than what you desired to be owned. The package contains a colorful LCD screen which is the mother of your instrument. It has very good textured 88 weighted keys, which gives comfort to your touch. With this instrument, you can access Roland Axial Library. The mesmerizing sound effect will leave you tongue tie. Even the beginner will feel the touch of the eternity of every music.

Yamaha MX61

The MX61 is a portable and compact instrument that binds serious features and sounds in a single unit. Just like its look, it gives a great feel. The wise model makes it easy to use. It allows you to access the overall control of its features. The equivalent keys are very smooth and gentle on your touch with their aftertouch semi-weighted keys. It has both one-touch split and layer functions. It is best for musicians with a low budget.


Uncountable varieties of keyboard workstations are available on the market. They have various sounds and different features. Apart from them, the best keyboard workstation should pose the real-time recording feature and reproduce the sound in various pitches.

The great part of having this instrument is generating different sounds at the same time. Most of the keyboard workstation comes with serious features on a right price tag. We believe our review will give you the vision of the best product on the market.

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