Top 10 Best Cheap Keyboards And Digital Pianos Under $300

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Are you fantasying about owning a digital piano or keyboard but fearing the expenses? There are false assumptions that you need to spend your fortune to buy them. But the sweet truth is, no you don’t need to spend your fortune or even a lot of money to buy them. You can buy an excellent instrument for under $300.

Here, in this article, we have worked with numerous instruments on behalf of you and segregated the top 10 best keyboards and digital pianos under $300.  

1. Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Casio is a well known band for Digital pianos and keyboards. The Casio CTK-3500 is an excellent keyboard with 61-keys which comes under $200 with many strong features and functionalities those only available in expensive keyboards.

These 61-keys are perfectly fit over your fingers. With that you can recreate any tune and well enough for practicing anything that you want. You can play different velocity and volumes by three levels touch sensitivity keys.

The internal memory has 400 various songs, 150 rhythms, which add magic to what you play. This is known as Dance Music Mode, because you can play or compose music with the dance rhythms.

Plus, it has other different effects including chorus, reverb, and flanger, which change the normal music into amazing one. It has two way power requirements; you can use either main power or batteries. It is the great choice for basic learners and person who wants synth sound rather than the classic sound. 

2. Lagrima 88-key Electric Piano Keyboard

Do you want to learn and own a piano without spending too much money on it? Consider Lagrima, which offers really the cheapest digital pianos and keyboards than other brands. 

The 88 fully weighted keys are only very rare to see in keyboards which come under $300, but not in all case Lagrima features 88 fully weighted keys with great design.

It has many useful features in classically compact keyboard, with up to 480 tones. It has 80 in-built sample songs for your practice, plus 200 various rhythms. The in-built speakers deliver what you play; even you can listen silently with headphone. The 64-note polyphony is fine with simple tunes. You can virtually control it via USB or MIDI compatibility.  

3. Lagrima 61-Key Electric Piano Keyboard 

You might surprise to see two Lagrima Keyboard in our list, though Casio and Yamaha are the top brands for music instrument. Still Lagrima produces more keyboards on affordable price.

Even you can buy a good keyboard under $100 from Lagrima. Some problems or sacrifices are supposed to face while spending little money in spite of its necessary things. You may not expect enough features in it still it has some decent features such as it has 128 various timbers and rhythms, 12 sample songs, a display screen for customization and guidance, and microphone, so you can produce vocal while you play.

Others exceptional features are it have recording function and playback option. It can be powered by either main power or use AA batteries. It is recommended for basic learners especially kids.  

4. Casio SA-46 32-Key Portable Keyboard

Casio never failed to appear on top of the music instrument lists. Casio SA-46 is a unique keyboard with comparably small size among others. Due to its small size it is famous among kids.

There are two models available in this keyboard which is either 32 or 44 keys. Are you looking for a keyboard which you can carry with all your travel? You can carry this keyboard anywhere due to its compact size and excellent battery life.

Plus you can listen silently with headphones. It comes with up to 100 in-built timbers which is not just a matter of fun but adds amazing feel to what you play.  

5. Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano

You can rarely find 88-key digital piano, if you are looking for one then, consider Alesis Recital. It comes with 88 semi-weighted keys and it is very much adorable under $300. The semi-weighted keys give option for dynamic performance.

It has five in-built voices mostly from acoustic pianos, and synth for sample songs. The semi-weighted keys are touch sensitive which can be altered. Other great thing about this instrument is it has split mode which permits you to play two different songs on your left and right accordingly.

Plus two layering systems which allow you to play along with violin sound. Playing makes fun with effects such as chorus, reverb, and a pedal style resonant effect. The in-built 20Wspeakers deliver sound enough for a huge space.

If you want to practice peacefully you can plug your headphone in the headphone jack. Under $300 Alesisi Recital 88-Key digital piano gives what an expensive instrument failed to give. 

6. Alesis Harmony 61-key Portable Keyboard

Alesis is a world known brand for its various useful technologies. They are the top player in designing easy-to-use user interface, premium quality MIDI customizers, a lot of sound creation and performance options.

Alesis Harmony has a technology which other keyboard instrument can’t possess. It comes with LCD display which displays what you are playing and how to perform correctly without error. It has AUX input, allow you to stock songs of your interest from external devices so you can play along.

It has certain modes which can improve your learning skill such as lesson mode and split mode. It has more than 320 various instrument sounds which you can play and 100 drum rhythms which can play along. You can record what you play at the meantime, later you can share it via USB or MIDI ports.   

7. Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard 

It is been two decades since Yamaha PSR launched still it hits high amount of turnover for a year. It is not just because of its cheap price but it has many strong functions and useful features.

Plus they have never take rest from updating it. From its launch they have introduced many new features and technologies. Those are bind into a single instrument that is Yamaha PSR-E263 61-key portable keyboard.

It comes with 61-key with touch sensitive keyboard which let you use the dynamic option by the amount of pressure your finger gives over the keys. The full sized keys are the finest one for learning.

It has up to 100 in-built songs for your practice and The Yamaha Education Suite helps you to learn piano playing from the basics to complex level.

The keyboard has split mode so two people can use simultaneously. Other great features are it has AUX input and headphone output. These allow you to connect the keyboard with other instrument. 

 8. RockJam RJ761 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

Are you a beginner who wants to own a keyboard with enough useful features in your budget? Consider RockJam RJ761. It may not be grand and class but, it is more for a home studio.

It comes with 61 full sized keys which is enough for your fingers, numerous in-built songs, which includes up to 100 rhythms, 100 tones, and 30 songs which will be very much useful for practice.

You can record what you play and replay it at anytime. The attractive package contains a comfortable padded bench, a pair of headphones, and a sustain pedal for additional tone to what you play.

You can easily connect the keyboard with other external devices via MIDI or USB compatibility. Under $200 is it worth more to your young pianist. 

9. The ONE Smart 61-Key Portable Piano Keyboard 

Do you want to learn piano by gaming? Then look at The ONE Smart Piano. It is very much popular among young pianist because of its gaming feature, one can learn piano without facing a hard time. The Brand app which is Smart Piano App will guide you to surpass 100 plus songs and tricky technique.

It can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet. The app display highlighted the keys which you have to press to play any of your desire. The keyboard has AUX compatibility so you can integrate it with any devices.

Plus there is a place for microphone option. It has 417 various tones so you can be gone without fun. It can be powered either by main power or 6 AA batteries. If you want to keep what you have learnt before, then it will be an excellent option for that. You can learn the basics via games.   

10. Novation Launchkey 49 USB Keyboard Controller

Novation is a novel creator for every music aspirants. The Novation Launchkey requires computer and DAW to expose its full potency.

It has drum pads, faders, and knobs which you can change different needs of software. It plays a main role in your mini studio, which can perform numerous tracks. You don’t need to buy additional software to work with it.

Ableton Live Lite is included with it so it will work better with your PC or Mac at the very instance of its instalment. It is the one of the best MIDI keyboard Controller but the minor con is it can’t produce sounds without software.     


Now, you can distinguish many digital pianos and keyboards at various prices with unique and strong features and functionality. To get a best one you have to get a strong knowledge about your surrounding and be sure about our needs.

Make a decision about the model, price, and features before fixing a product. So it will prevent you from disappointments. There are enough instruments available on the market don’t stick with something give them a chance to let them impress you.  

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