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Top 6 Cheap and Best MIDI Keyboards for Beginners Under $100

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In this article, we are going to list the Top 6 Cheap and Best MIDI Keyboards for Beginners Under $100 for this year.

Every music studio needs a good keyboard. You might think that these keyboards are very expensive you couldn’t be able to afford that much money. Then, a good news for you that is, you can buy them at very cheap prize but the best. Here, we have worked for your behalf to sort it out. Below this a list of MIDI keyboard controllers, which are the very best and cost efficient.

List of Top 6 Cheap and Best MIDI Keyboards

  1. Nektar Impact LX25+
  2. Samson Graphite M25
  3. CME XKey
  4. Akai Professional LPK25
  5. Acorn Masterkey 49
  6. Midiplus AKM320

Nektar Impact LX25+

In our list of top six MIDI keyboards, Nektar impact LX25+ is one of the most function packed keyboard. What are the unique features in it? 25 full size keys, 8 velocity sensitive drum pads, assignable knobs, a perfect pitch bend, modulation wheels, and a different type of transport buttons. Additionally 50 VST’s bitwig 8-tracks and effects along with a varieties of loops or samples. 

It has the possibility of five different user profiles, because a broad range of customization is available in it. Their keys are more functional than your expectations. It has lot of functions and more promisingly all works properly. Keys are compact but not messy. It’s one of the best cost efficient MIDI keyboards you can buy.

Samson Graphite M25

In our list of top six MIDI keyboards Samson Graphite M25 is one of the best looking keyboard, which has 25 key controller with 4 velocity-sensitive drum pads. Their keys are very weightless. Drum pads have aftertouch effect which is unusual for this inexpensive keyboard. Instead of having wheels for pitch or modulation, it has 8 assignable knobs, transport buttons, and sensitive ribbons. 


CME XKey is one of the stylish music instrument among the cheapest MIDI keyboard list, which has 25 key low profile which is only 16mm deep but it is fortunately playable. It has velocity sensitive keys with polyphonic aftertouch. It also has pressure sensitive pitch bend and modulation buttons with additional octave up or down and well maintained buttons.

It looks very cool, but has limited functions and no software bundle. After all the aftertouch makes it on to the top of the cheap and best MIDI keyboard list.

Akai Professional LPK25

LPK25 reserved a place in our list of cheap and best MIDI keyboard for some reasons. They are, Akai Professional have been wandering as a leader in this sector for decades. Other thing is, it is very compact and even wireless options are there, with them you can compose your own music at anywhere. 

It has 25 velocity gentle mini keys and very cool arpeggiator. It consists of octave up and down buttons and a tap tempo function and it includes ignite edition software.

Unfortunately it as less functionality but the arpeggiator, tap tempo, and wireless make it worth consideration. It is not the one and only cheap and best model with wireless but, there tiny keys are very responsive.

Acorn Masterkey 49

The Masterkey 49 is less familiar in market. But it will be worth for your money. It has 49 velocity sensitive full-size keys with pitch bend and modulation wheels, which are easily assignable. Unimaginable customization such as assignable wheel, slider, and knobs. It has a nice pitch bend, personus software, with 49 keys are really rare for low cost keyboards. 

Midiplus AKM320

AKM320 has designed as very compact with 32 keys. Even though it is very compact still has pitch bend and modulation wheels. It has transpose, octave up and down buttons, and a master volume slider. It doesn’t possess with any software but it comes under your expectation. There rate comes under 100$.


Budget planning is good, but to save a little money don’t buy any poor quality product. Which will be a disaster to your studio. This is very common for a buyer, who will go for a product with comparatively less amount.

Before going to buy any product read customers review. Maximum know what you are looking for, for example, more keys, wireless, or better performance. Hence, you can get better than what you expect. 

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