Top 9 Best Casio Keyboards and Digital Pianos

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Do you want to replace your old model piano or are you looking for digital piano? You must be familiar with Casio products. This reputable Japanese company has been around for a long time, and it is well known for its high-quality musical instruments. A constant upgrading method brought out new keyboards and numerous digital music instrument products.

Right now you can get a bunch of the best digital and keyboards from Casio. The abundance of Casio keyboards and digital pianos assures that you can find a suitable model for your need, without any concern over the rate of the product. Before picking your piano, know what is new to the market and what will be suitable for you. 

Casio CTK-3500

CTK-3500 has an excellent standard measure and inexpensive keyboard, mostly suitable for beginners. Features of this model are 61-keys with two-level touch gentleness. Lightweight keys perform, unlike old model pianos keys.

Beyond this, it has plenty of in-built sounds and rhythms that give a maximum of 4000 voices and a variety of rhythms, allows you a wide range of instruments. It has a special mode that can produce dance tracks on the spot. Apart from its AC, it can be also be powered with batteries.

It is compact and lightweight makes it portable. All Casio products are built with great quality. Hence, it increases its lifetime. Its other features like headphone portal, onboard screen, ability to integrate with various devices, and learning app. The package includes a music stand and an e-learning suit, which increase the value of CTK-3500.

Casio Priivia PX-870

Privia PX-870 resembles acoustic piano in its look. Actually, it is a digital piano. It has 88 full-sized keys with tri-sensor II hammer action that provides you the feel of playing acoustic piano, along with three in-built pedals for dynamic control. Do you have sweaty hands? Don’t worry, its simulated ebony and ivory feel keytops help you to play effectively.

For definite sound stimulation, the AiR sound engine has been incorporated into this model. Plus, it has 19 voices with effects like reverb, chorus, and brilliance. It comes with 10 play-along songs for beginners to learn. Additionally, it has a Chordana app for lessons and tutorials. It has other features like dual recording, USB compatibility, and different modes.  

Casio LK-280

Casio LK-280 is a 61-key transportable keyboard is best for beginners with unique educational qualification. Actually, it is having a teacher by your side. It has step-up songs which will guide you on what to play, by using 152 in-built songs. The in-built metronome helps you to speed up or slow down.

You can record what you play. It has 600 voices and 180 rhythms along with effects like chorus and reverb. It can run on batteries. It has USB connectivity, an SD card port, a microphone input with a constant volume knob, and an aux audio input. 

Casio WK-245

Casio WK-245 is a great instrument for go with the flow. It has 76 keys that are touch-sensitive, lightweight. It has many varieties of 600 sounds, 180 rhythms, and 152 current songs for your practice.

You can integrate your Piano with your PC and other learning apps by USB MIDI port. You can record what you play, produce fusion, and store up to 5 sounds like this by the in-built 6-track recorder.

You can upload sounds from an external source by an in-built mic for vocal and audio input which allows your piano to incorporate with your device and instruments. You can add effects by using onboard effects, along with the Virtual Hall Simulation to add more and modify your sounds. The LCD display makes it easy for you to play by showing everything you want to know. 

Casio CDP-240

This Casio CDP-240 has 88 full-sized weighted keys and with hammer action. It has 64-note polyphony. Beyond this, the piano is very compact and lightweight makes it easy to portable. It has combined features of both digital piano and keyboards. It comes with 700 in-built sounds and 200 rhythms.

The duel 16-watt speaker outlet that you play has enough volume output to fill the room, with two headphone ports. It has 152 in-built songs which can be useful for beginners to learn piano by its step-up function. The LCD display will show what you suppose to play.

Casio CGP-700

Casio CGP-700 has a good name for its different purpose. Because it has the features of digital piano, keyboard, and synthesizer, which means it is 3 in 1 instrument. It has 88 fully weighted keys which work on a tri-sensor scaled hammer action system and feature-induced ebony and ivory keytops give a premium feel on your touch.

It has a dedicated button for grand piano sound, along with it has a broad variety of 550 in-built sounds and 200 rhythms. All sounds might not become out of high quality but still, they are most vain. 

CGP-700 requires a 16-track sequencer that can stock up to 100 songs, this feature is most common in synthesizers but rare for other instruments. A 5.3-inch touchscreen helps you with easy access to change and control the settings of your instrument. The package contains a stand, which has a built-in speaker; along with a piano the stand distributes a 6 speaker sound system that can cover a wide area and gives yous adequate volume output. 

Casio Celviano AP-700

Casio Celviano AP-700 has a comfortable design with 88 weighted, gentle touch keys with scaled hammer action technology. To look out for its sound performance, it has three sample songs that are original to three acoustic pianos such as Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna.

Those samples are very practical, bring out the best quality sound. Its complicated features represent it as acoustic piano, they are string, damper resonance, mechanical sounds, induced ivory, and ebony on the keytops that gives you the feel of playing the acoustic piano. Plus, it has 21 in-built voices that add variety to what you play.

This instrument acts as a teacher for beginners by play along with material, as well as training songs. Other features like the USB port. The pack comes with an adjustable bench. It might be slightly expensive but still worth your money.

Casio Privia PX-770

Casio Privia PX-770 is a distinctive piano. It has a decent design with 88 weighted keys with Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II Technology. Each key has three sensors which mean you can play faster and repetitive notes easily. It resembles acoustic piano not only by look but with three pedals for good dynamics.

Plus the keys have induced ebony and ivory finish which are water-resistant, so you can even play better with your sweaty hand. Concerning the sound system, it gives out the real sound of an acoustic piano with two in-built speakers.

There are 18 varieties of voices to add some effect to what you play, along with these 60 in-built songs to add effect to your sounds. A two-track MIDI recorder allows you to record what you play. It can be integrated with your PC by using USB Port. 

Casio Privia PX-160

Casio Privia PX-160 is your best companion if you are a traveling musician. It comes under the category of best digital piano, it has 88 weighted keys with Tri-Sensor Hammer Action System.

The induced ivory and ebony keytops are water-resistant. It has the features of very practical piano sound, along with 18 voices. Plus, includes an in-built 2 track recorder, with a USB MIDI port. It has a duet mode option which allows beginners to practice with their teacher on the same keyboard.

Along with that, it has 60 inbuilt current songs for your practice. Two headphone jacks allow two people to practice and listen peacefully without disturbing one another at the same time. Though it doesn’t have screen accessibility, this piano is cost-efficient while comparing with other Privia series. 


However, you will think that which one is best among these Casio keyboards and digital pianos?  The answer to your question is very simple, Casio Privia PX-160 outstand the other eight pianos on our list.

Because Privia PX-160 binds many features at one single instrument with the reasonable price tag. This one covers all your needs, from beginners to advanced piano players, in a single compact and affordable piano.

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